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Future uncertain for Sac State and its grads

Jason Okamoto
May 12, 2004

Most of the truly great movies end on a down note: At the end of"Casablanca," Rick Blaine is forced to tell Ilsa, thelove of his life, to get on a plane and fly out of his life. At theend of "The Godfather"...

Drums, drunks, dances: an election-night diary

Jason Okamoto
May 5, 2004

Covering Associated Students Inc. for the last two years, Ifigured that jotting down a minute-by-minute election-night diarywould be a walk in the park: show up, watch people get drunk, chatwith candidates...

ASI not responsible for funding hobbies

Jason Okamoto
April 28, 2004

One of Associated Students Inc.'s major responsibilitiescomes this time of year, when it approves the budget for thefollowing year. Now is when they decide what they are going to dowith their $9 million....

RWEC proposal fits in Sac State’s future

Jason Okamoto
March 24, 2004

The last two times students voted on a new recreational center, it didn't pass. It may have been because it was too costly at the time, or maybe because our sports programs were even worse than they are...

Don’t succumb to midterm hype

Jason Okamoto
March 17, 2004

Around this time each semester, I don't bother asking my friends at Sacramento State what they're doing. I already know the answer. This is the time of the year where most classes require that we all take...

Handling racist university benefactor will be tricky

Jason Okamoto
March 10, 2004

Over the last couple of weeks, local publications have printed stories shedding light on Sacramento's "most remarkable citizen" -- also one of Sacramento State's primary benefactors. Charles M. Goethe...

Could ASI slates be on way out in 2004?

Jason Okamoto
February 25, 2004

I love slates. Slates, slates, slates. I can't get enough of them. I love seeing their signs in the library quad, I love watching them debate at Round Table and I especially love collecting their buttons...

Don’t forget to wash hands, guys

Jason Okamoto
February 18, 2004

There's a scene in the film "Once Upon a Time in the West" where Henry Fonda proclaims that he is "just a man." Charles Bronson responds by saying, "A dying breed." Fonda was referring to the cowboy that...

‘College dropout’ makes grade with Top 10 singles

Jason Okamoto
February 18, 2004

Producer turned MC, Kanye West, has been referred to as the future of Hip-Hop.-Jay-Z called him a "genius."- His popular single, "Through the Wire," is being steadily played on radio and MTV alike.- The...

Identity crises, personality disorders and ‘Rap City’

Jason Okamoto
February 4, 2004

Without a doubt, there is something wrong with me. I can't quite put my finger on it, but since beginning college I have failed to find a consistent persona that I can fit into comfortably. After five...

Growing popularity of pill popping

November 12, 2003

A wise man once told me that "the only thing thatseparates doctors from other people is that doctors can prescribedrugs." From this perspective, doctors are the leading drugdealers in the world. Granted,...

Irresistible ‘Irreversible’

Jason Okamoto
November 7, 2003

Considering the narrative structure of"Irreversible," one might think that the DVD shouldhave been available for purchase before theatrical release. TheFrench Film starring Monica Bellucci and Vincent...

MPAA makes it harder for digital pirates

Jason Okamoto
October 22, 2003

Ang Lee's "Hulk" is a bad movie. I know this because I saw it. Not in the movie theater, but on a pirated VCD that my friend bought from some guy at the mall. The kicker was that the movie hadn't been...

Meet Sac State GOP darliing

Jason Okamoto
October 8, 2003

I've tried to hide it all these years, but it is time to come out of the closet and officially pledge my allegiance to the right. Most people my age hopped on the leftist bandwagon years ago. When the...

Rec center plan in students’ court

Jason Okamoto
September 25, 2003

In my final semester I plan to prove that I am the best basketball player at Sacramento State. I originally planned to prove this by taking part in mid-day one-on-one games with the likes of Hornet basketball...

Sometimes adding classes can be murder

Jason Okamoto
September 10, 2003

In a popular song by the rap group Cypress Hill, rapper B-Real belts out, "Here is something you can't understand, how I could just kill a man!" On the contrary, Mr. Real, I can understand. I attempted...

Year-end report card on ASI

Jason Okamoto
May 14, 2003

A report card for 2002-03 edition of Associated Students, Inc. campus-wide executives: President Eric Guerra: From the outside, it appears that Guerra hasn?t done much for Sacramento State. But after taking...

ASI: A look ahead

Jason Okamoto
May 7, 2003

The ASI election winners last Wednesday night partied as if they had won the Super Bowl. But now that the dust has settled and elections are over, one question remains for the soon-to-be top ASI executives:...

Analyzing Sac State’s slates

Jason Okamoto
April 23, 2003

It is springtime at Sacramento State. Indications of this are in students voices when they are expressing how exited they are about summer plans and can't wait for school to be over. Students are also...

Throwing the book at text buying policies

Jason Okamoto
March 19, 2003

There are two things that CSUS students bitch about most, parking and textbooks. The only legitimate bitch is book prices. As for parking, most students complain for the sake of complaining. Even The State...

Jason Okamoto’s 2003 Oscar picks

Jason Okamoto
March 19, 2003

BEST PICTURE WILL WIN: "Chicago" "Chicago" is the best bet to win the Oscar. Why America has embraced this frothy masterwork is beyond the likes of substantial reason, but there are a few factors that...

ASI dual rules duel

Jason Okamoto
March 5, 2003

ASI elections are right around the corner and students will soon choose the next group of our peers to represent us. Leading up to that, ASI officials have struggled to tweak the election process to make...

The .5 solution

Jason Okamoto
February 19, 2003

What makes me qualified be a writer for The State Hornet? What makes me so special that I can verbally vomit on a page which will be published for several thousand people to be read every other week? Not...

Crazy over CASPER

Jason Okamoto
February 5, 2003

At the beginning of every semester, I have a fling with the same woman. I spend hours meticulously preparing, so everything will go smoothlyduring our rendezvous. When we first engage in our little lyrical...

Book Review”Skin Prayer”

Jason Okamoto
December 12, 2002

When reading Doug Rice novels don't be surprised if you end up paying closer attention to the way you breathe. In a world that encourages superficial escapism, Rice's novels put us back into our body....

Beating the system

Jason Okamoto
December 11, 2002

As this semester comes to an end I would like to congratulate my brother Travis Okamoto for graduating with a Bachelors in Communication Studies here at CSUS. I would also like to congratulate everybody...

Opinions for war differ

Jason Okamoto
December 4, 2002

I can easily begin this column with something like "Of course I don't believe in war." But then I would have to acknowledge that I make this statement as an uneducated, misinformed American with no solid...

ASI’s new Honesty Policy good for students

Jason Okamoto
November 20, 2002

I am no genius, nor do I believe that the majority of any impressive piece of work comes from one?s so-called genius. When creating exceptional work, habit and dedication should be credited. However, every...

Chase(d) Out?

Jason Okamoto
November 13, 2002

Last week Crystal Chase resigned from her position as Associated Students, Inc.'s Vice President of University Affairs. It has been speculated that her early exit was the result of a dishonest process...

A wonderful world of violence

Jason Okamoto
November 6, 2002

I love violence. That is, the violent actions shown or expressed in forms of entertainment. I'm aware that this violence can be harmful to some people, however, most fans of violence receive a bad rap...

Aliens manipulate humans

Jason Okamoto
October 30, 2002

President Donald Gerth looks like an alien from another planet if I ever saw one. This is not intentionally meant to be insulting, but rather just a natural response to the way the way the guy looks. Or...

Drinking on campus

Jason Okamoto
October 23, 2002

Please, allow me to throw a fit, then later surrender to reason. There are few things more beautiful than a fully stocked bar. If I weren't such a lightweight I would even seek help for this outlook. In...

Car safety illusionary

Jason Okamoto
October 16, 2002

Here in my car, I feel safest of all."- Gary Numan "So drive me far-I don't care where-just far." - Chino Moreno from the Deftones.The most disturbing phone call I have ever received was at 6:00 a.m. from...

Dream jobs for degree shy students

Jason Okamoto
October 9, 2002

We all have dreams for the future, no matter how selfish or egotistical they might be. Most college students at CSUS are using this time as a stepping-stone in order to achieve these dreams. This provides...

Christianity has a new face

Jason Okamoto
October 2, 2002

There is a new face of Christianity and it looks nothing like their parents. Christianity strikes every time I see a young kid with clean skater clothes, spiky hair and a What Would Jesus Do wrist-band...

Strategy of common courtesy

Jason Okamoto
September 25, 2002

Not long ago, somewhere in South Central Los Angeles, a very tired version of me walked into a 24-hour quickie mart in search of a refreshing beverage. "Hello!" I said energetically, slamming my Red Bull...

Insomnia and narcolepsy, it’s like night and day

Jason Okamoto
September 18, 2002

I suffer from narcolepsy during the day and insomnia at night. This is strange because most people who don?t follow normal sleeping patterns are categorized as rebellious, nonconformists,or freaks. I am...

Is ADD actually caused by our media diet?

Jason Okamoto
September 11, 2002

At least once during every class period I put a gun to my head and blow my brains out, leaving just enough time to pronounce myself dead on the scene. My spirit drifts off, but not for long. Back in my...

?Penzance? lacks pizzazz

Jason Okamoto
April 19, 2002

Gilbert and Sullivan?s "Pirates of Penzance" is a comic opera first performed in 1879 that was praised for being a great work of hilarity for its time. Somewhere between then now, the play lost everything...

Alternative- pop band rocks Sac State

Jason Okamoto
April 3, 2002

With spring upon us, UNIQUE Programs brings its seasonal Nooner concert series outdoors to Sacramento State?s Serna Plaza April 3. "It?s always nice to get the students outside so they can relax and enjoy...

?Monologues? explore femininity

Jason Okamoto
March 12, 2002

Earning worldwide acclaim since its start in the 1990s, Eve Ensler?s "The Vagina Monologues" has had highly successful runs in cities such as New York and London. March 15 begins the play?s sold-out three-day...

12’s Wax Emporium preserves hip-hop culture in Sacramento

Jason Okamoto
February 21, 2002

12's Wax Emporium, located at Broadway and 17th, is a hip-hop record shop with an authentic flavor that combines the old school with the new school. Judging strictly from the number of relic vinyls from...

Sacramento band on the rise

Jason Okamoto
February 6, 2002

At the Green Thunder pre-game show, on March 1, Freestate will play their first show on the Sac State campus this year. This performance will be coming off their upcoming performance at the Capitol Garage...

CNN?s Africa bureau chief to lecture Thursday in Ballroom

Jason Okamoto
February 6, 2002

CNN?s Africa bureau chief Charlayne Hunter-Gault lectures today at 7:30 p.m. in the University Union Ballroom. Hunter-Gault works out of CNN headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, covering news in...

Wu-Tang ?How High? ? Not very

Jason Okamoto
December 5, 2001

On the Wu-Tang album "Enter the 36 Chambers," Method man is hassled by group-mate Raekwon, who shouts, "Hey yo Meth, where?s my ?Killer? tape at?" He is referring to the movie "The Killer," by John Woo....

1980s double feature tonight

Jason Okamoto
November 28, 2001

No, we?re not celebrating the men and women from the "Great Generation" who have survived 80-plus years, but UNIQUE is helping us celebrate the 1980s, the greatest decade in recent memory. What better...

Music from ‘The Mind’

Jason Okamoto
November 7, 2001

To kick off the month of November, UNIQUE presents the acid jazz band The Mind Club today at noon in Hinde Auditorium. The Mind Club is a local band and the creation of Greg Williams, a Sacramento State...

Image: The Others :Miramax Films:

The Others

Jason Okamoto
September 26, 2001
Image: Movie Reviews:Julia Stiles and Mekhi Phifer in O.  Photo Courtesy of Lions Gate Films Inc.:

Movie Reviews

Jason Okamoto
September 12, 2001

Speech offers alternative views on foreign and domestic policies

Jason Okamoto
September 12, 2001

Tomorrow from noon to 1:15 p.m., former Army Chaplain Charlie Liteky will speak about the School of the Americas (SOA) in Sacramento State?s Hinde Auditorium. The speech is the second in the Global Issues...

Sac State hits the Jackpot today

Jason Okamoto
September 7, 2001

University UNIQUE Programs? "Nooner" entertainment series returns today with local band Jackpot bringing their wry and rustic sound to the stage. If you are a music fan, but are tired of all the current...

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