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Illustration by Tara Gnewikow.
REVIEW: 10 Songs for your Halloween playlist that aren’t ‘Monster Mash’
These alternative songs will put you in the spooky spirit
Tara Gnewikow, copy editor • October 30, 2020
Are you going batty from hearing “Monster Mash” one too many times? Tara Gnewikow is sharing her picks for alternative Halloween songs to listen to.

On this edition of State Hornet News, spring football is canceled, the election is 15 days away, eight students were quarantined in American River Courtyard and other stories from the State Hornet newsroom.
Coronavirus Updates
Sac State Political Science Professors Kim Nalder, Kristina Flores Victor, Danielle Martin and Andrea Terry hold a question and answer section at the end of a webinar hosted by Friends of the Library on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020. They discussed strategies on avoiding misinformation during an election season. Screenshot taken by Michael Pacheco via Zoom.
Sac State professors discuss misinformation in the 2020 election
‘The actual president of the United States is engaging in this disinformation’
Michael Pacheco and Piper Haitsuka October 30, 2020
Sac State’s Friends of the Library hosted a webinar led by political science professors to help with making sense of the 2020 election on Zoom.
PODCAST SPOTLIGHT: How to use the Modoc Hall 4-day vote center this year
PODCAST SPOTLIGHT: How to use the Modoc Hall 4-day vote center this year
October 30, 2020
Nathan Dietrich of Sacramento State’s division of public affairs and advocacy talks all about the history of the Modoc Hall vote center and how you can use it this year in this special edition episode of State Hornet: Spotlight.
Noah Marty, ASI president, announces the ASI Board of Directors
ASI announces schedule for its 2021 elections, support for Prop 16
October 28, 2020
Sacramento State’s ASI Board of Directors announced the dates of its 2021 election and passed a resolution supporting California Prop 16 during its board meeting Wednesday.
INFOGRAPHIC: How to vote in California
INFOGRAPHIC: How to vote in California
October 27, 2020
The State Hornet’s visual guide to mail-in voting and in-person voting in California.