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REVIEW: ‘SCOOB!’ was a great idea that flopped on its face

Shaggy Rogers (Will Forte) and Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker) share nachos at a movie theater during the latest addition to the Scooby-Doo franchise, SCOOB! (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Jordan Parker

May 20, 2020

Scooby-Doo was my absolute favorite show as a kid and is now my comfort show when I need a laugh or two, but I can confidently say that the release of SCOOB! put a stain on the franchise. I know that’s not very subtle, but director Tony Cervone dropped the ball on this one. For years we’ve seen m...

MAX’S TABLE S1E2: Home baking with self-taught professional vegan cake baker Ashley Shotwell

Graphic made in Canva

Max Connor

May 19, 2020

This week Max delves into the world of home baking with artist and cake decorator Ashley Shotwell. Shotwell specializes in vegan cakes and baked goods, and she reveals the best substitutes for dairy products in baking and gives advice for those who are interested in exploring baking during the pandemic. Sho...

BROOKE’S UHLENBOPS S1E11: Favorite Songs Finale

Graphic made using Canva, Picrew

Brooke Uhlenhop, Robyn Dobson, Leticia Sanchez, Shaun Holkko, Max Connor, and Robbie Pierce

May 15, 2020

On the final episode of Brooke’s UhlenBops, Brooke asks another set of editors and staffers what their favorite songs are and why those songs mean so much to them.  RELATED: BROOKE’S UHLENBOPS S1E10: What’s your favorite song? Music: Lollipop by Alex Beroza...

Taco Bell voted ‘Best Off-Campus Eatery’

Taco Bell voted ‘Best Off-Campus Eatery’

Nijzel Dotson

May 12, 2020

Sacramento State students voted Taco Bell as the best off-campus eatery in The State Hornet’s annual Best Of Sac State survey. While it isn’t the most glamorous option, Taco Bell’s convenient location and inexpensive prices  have made it a go-to spot for Sac State students. Some may be caught o...

IN THE EAT OF THE MOMENT: Pittsburgers are the perfect meal for staying in

Graphic by Jordan Parker

Jordan Parker

May 10, 2020

With most of the nation under shelter-in-place orders, restaurants have resorted to takeout only or have shut down completely. I say, ditch takeout and try this delicious recipe that I’ve been devouring since my early childhood.  Let me introduce you to Pittsburgers, a savory dish that is the ...

REVIEW: Netflix struck gold with ‘Outer Banks’

Graphic By Jordan Parker

Jordan Parker

May 7, 2020

 I’m not going to lie, I started watching “Outer Banks” two weeks ago and I just wasn’t interested in the first episode. But after giving it another chance, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Set on the Outer Bank islands in North Carolina, this Netflix series is one of treasure huntin...

How Sac State arts students are transitioning to online classes

Sac State Students Joyce Vang, Miguel Forbes and Taylor Hill perform the dance

Piper Haitsuka and Dylan McNeill

May 6, 2020

Many Sacramento State arts students have reported difficulty transitioning from in-person to online classes due to California’s shelter-at-home order.  Sac State senior Maia Pheng is working on getting her bachelor’s degree in art history with a focus in modern and contemporary art.  “A ...

BROOKE’S UHLENBOPS S1E10: What’s your favorite song?

Graphic made using Canva, Picrew

Brooke Uhlenhop, Nijzel Dotson, Bradley Hinkson, Kayla Brown, Shiavon Chatman, and Robbie Pierce

May 6, 2020

This week on Brooke’s UhlenBops, host Brooke Uhlenhop has put together a special episode featuring State Hornet staff members: Nijzel Dotson, Bradley Hinkson, Kayla Brown and Shiavon Chatman discussing their favorite songs and why they love them. Music: Lollipop by Alex Beroza  ...

Hawaii voted ‘Best Zoom Background’ in 2020 Best of Sac State poll

Hawaii voted ‘Best Zoom Background’ in 2020 Best of Sac State poll

Tara Gnewikow

May 4, 2020

With all spring semester classes and meetings online, Sacramento State students and faculty have been using virtual backgrounds on Zoom to lighten the mood. Zoom users can show pictures or videos behind them during meetings using the application’s virtual background feature. Users can upload their...

AIRC voted ‘Best Study Spot’ at Sac State

AIRC voted ‘Best Study Spot’ at Sac State

Vince Castellana

May 4, 2020

The Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC) was voted the “Best Study Spot”  at Sacramento State in The State Hornet’s fourth annual Best of Sac State survey. Brysen Klinefelter, a communication studies major and offensive tackle  for Sac State’s football team, said that the AIRC is a...

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