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Need to wallow? Let these 10 songs break your heart again

Olivia Rodrigo, Chappell Roan and Laufey belt out their agony
Rosienelly Salguero
Scrapbook style page including images of Olivia Rodrigo, Chappel Roan and Harry Styles. Listen to these songs to wallow in your heartbreak. (Photos courtesy of Justin Higuchi via Flickr, Jason Martin via Flickr and Raph_PH via Flickr, graphic created in Canva by Rosienelly Salguero)

Whether you’re bed rotting or balling your eyes out, this heartbreaking playlist is the perfect way to fall into the abyss of sadness.

The universal feeling of heartbreak can apply to situations like relationships, friendships and family breakups, but regardless of what caused your heartbreak feelings of both anger and sadness can be heightened with artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Harry Styles and Chappell Roan.

Here are 10 songs to add to your own vicious self deprecating playlist.

“Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo

The queen of heartbreak Olivia Rodrigo is the curator of the best gut-wrenching songs, her song “Traitor” is the perfect heartsick ballad.

Rodrigo depicts the relatable emotion of betrayal within her lyrics, “And ain’t it funny how you ran to her, The second that we called it quits.”

Rodrigo shouts the chorus as a way to express the frustration and passion that comes with back-stabbing betrayal.

“Traitor” is the top song on this playlist because it absolutely captures the tormented feeling of both anger and regret about a breakup.

“The Cut That Always Bleeds” by Conan Gray

Conan Gray is a pop artist that creates songs that are super relatable and filled with emotion, Gray painfully illustrates how it feels to be stuck in a toxic cycle with a romantic partner in the song “The Cut That Always Bleeds.”

His melodramatic melody and lyrics help convey the never ending pattern of a draining relationship. Gray expresses this through his lyric video, by using an illustration to display himself bleeding from the pain of a relationship.

If you want to fall to pieces over a past toxic relationship you should listen to “The Cut That Always Bleeds.”

“My Kink is Karma” by Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan writes the prettiest lyrics to portray heartbreak in her song “My Kink is Karma,” a power ballad about enjoying watching karma take its toll.

Roan best describes the main sentiment of the song in the lyric, “Wishing you the best in the worst way.” Roan intermixes her soft voice and spiteful lyrics to convey lusting over someone else’s misfortune.

This song is perfect for when you are in the angry phase after a relationship comes to an end and you want them to feel the same way that you do.

“Matilda” by Harry Styles

Harry Styles is an artist who creates amazing pop music, and his song “Matilda” represents the heartbreak of outgrowing your family and finding comfort in your friends.

The song speaks to the idea of doing things for your inner child and letting go of pain you have been holding onto throughout your life. The tragic feeling is described in the lyrics, “you can throw a party full of everyone you know and not invite your family cause they never showed you love”

If you are trying to make yourself cry, grab a box of tissues and listen to “Matilda” to experience this emotional rollercoaster.

“The Way Things Go” by beebadoobee

Beebadoobee creates bedroom pop music that sounds dreamy and nostalgic, her song “The Way Things Go” is about accepting and reflecting on a past relationship.

She painfully describes struggling to accept the breakup in the lyrics, “And there’s so much left to say I guess I’m just the bigger guy.”

In the song her delicate voice expresses the emotion of no longer recognizing the person you once knew every detail about.

If you find yourself struggling to move onto acceptance then you should listen to this melancholy beebadoobee tune.

“Feather” by Sabrina Carpenter

A pop artist who has written some amazing breakup songs including the song “Feather” is Sabrina Carpenter.

“Feather” perfectly encapsulates the person who is no longer in your life, lost you and you are doing great without them.

Carpenter describes feeling lighter after ending a relationship that was weighing her down. She describes removing the person from her life in the lyric, “I got you blocked, after this, an afterthought I finally cut you off.”

If a relationship is negatively affecting your life it can feel so relieving to cut the relationship out and focus on yourself.

If you’ve recently blocked someone and you want to stay bitter about it then listen to this upbeat breakup song.

“Let You Break My Heart Again” by Laufey

Heavenly sounding music is created by Laufey including the song “Let You Break My Heart Again” featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra which adds to the angelic feel of this song.

The dainty feel of this song captures the vulnerability of love and heartbreak.

Laufey discusses being stuck loving someone who doesn’t feel the same and ultimately the lack of reciprocity ends up hurting your feelings over and over again. She describes the feeling in the lyric, “Pretend that we are more than friends. Then of course I’ll let you break my heart again.”

If you have experienced setting yourself up for disappointment then mentally prepare for this woeful listen.

“Kill Bill” by SZA

R&B artist SZA creates gorgeous sounding music that is vulnerable and accurately describes whatever emotion she is trying to express, for example her feathery angelic voice adds to the sorrowfulness of the song “Kill Bill.”

Her anger and bitterness shine through the cold lyrics of the song.

In the song “Kill Bill” she describes being filled with anger towards her ex for moving on from their relationship and being with a new girlfriend. She describes just how angry she is in the chorus, “I might kill my ex, not the best idea. His new girlfriend’s next, how’d I get here?”

You should listen to this song if you are feeling unapologetically angry about an ex.

“6 weeks” by Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny is an indie-rock group, their song “6 weeks” tackles the bargaining stage of heartbreak.

The gloomy lyrics communicate the torturous process of letting go of a past relationship.

The lead singer of the band, Lili Trifilio describes dwelling on the past of the relationship in the chorus, “And I’ve been replayin’ the same song for six weeks. Trying to figure out what you’re feeling”

If you are struggling to accept the end of a relationship you should listen to this song at full volume while bed rotting.

“Feeling Lonely” by Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo makes indie-pop music that is usually about a romantic topic, his song “Feeling Lonely” is about missing someone, maybe an ex, so much that you feel alone without them.

The bedroom pop sound of the song adds to the depiction of someone vibing in their room and feeling lonely.

Boy Pablo says in a lyric, “Can’t help it i just miss you. How did I lose you now again?” Here he explains that he doesn’t even remember why things ended the way they did, just that he misses the other person.

If you feel like dancing but want to invoke the lonely side of heartbreak then you should give this song a listen.

We experience heartbreak in different points of our lives for lots of different reasons. Wallow in your heartbreak and listen to these melodramatic songs included in this self deprecating playlist.

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