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Longest running music festival at Sac State continued virtually this year

The closing performance of the 43rd Annual Festival of New American Music took place on Nov. 8 and featured jazz vocalist Gaw Vang Williams with Sacramento State's Downbeat Award-winning vocal jazz ensembles.
Chanelle Muerong November 14, 2020
Read about Sacramento State’s 43rd annual Festival of New American Musicand how co-directors and music professors Timothy Stanley and Scott Perkins brought the event to virtual life.

Dancers take over K Street tunnel for late-night lessons

Anastasia Sher-Jones November 5, 2020
Old Sacramento’s pedestrian tunnel is an EDM club on Monday nights. Read how Sac EDM Collective is bringing socially-distanced shuffling.

THE LO-DOWN: Ariana Grande has saved 2020 with her new album ‘Positions’

Graphic by Makenna Roy. Illustration by Tara Gnewikow.
Lauren Vannucci November 2, 2020
This week on "The Lo-Down," Lauren talks all about the release of Ariana Grande’s new album, “Positions.”

BAOBAB takes the stage after months of jamming in isolation

BAOBAB pianist Kenan Jackson plays the keyboard at the Sacramento apartment-turned-studio, Taylor'd Mind Studios, for Open Mind Night on Oct. 22nd, 2020. BAOBAB is a local Black American music group made up of six members.
Khalil Bourgoub, Author October 26, 2020
"I’m a musician, I’m an athlete and I’m a student leader as well, so I have to be able to balance all of these things." Sac State musicians balance school and creative passions during a pandemic.

Q&A: Top-ranked musician books new gig as Sac State assistant professor

Professor Brian Landrus has joined Sacramento State's music department this semester to teach jazz studies. Landrus has been teaching for 20 years, including five years at Rutgers University. Photo illustration by Rahul Lal.
Chanelle Muerong October 20, 2020
“Here at Sacramento State, I’m hearing such an amazing process in the students and that feels great. I’m really happy to help them grow and be part of their journey.” Join the State Hornet in a Q&A session with Sac State’s newest assistant professor, woodwind musician Brian Landrus.

Sac State marching band students adjust to coronavirus precautions, distance learning

From left to right, Sac State marching band members Russell Bradley, Veloy Tofoya and Gabrielle Mirsky pose for photos at Sacramento State on Oct.9, 2020. Due to this semester being mostly virtual, marching band students have had to come up with their own practice routine. (Photo illustration)
Katerina Graziosi October 12, 2020
With a third of the semester complete, Sacramento State students are adapting to the challenges of distance learning, but some classes, like marching band, are still navigating the uncertainties and precautions that have been generated by COVID-19.

Music producer overcomes homelessness, creates positive culture in Sacramento’s entertainment industry

Graphic by Tara Gnewikow
Katerina Graziosi September 14, 2020
Jesse Hanes, who goes by Kassette, smiled even as he recounted eating cans of cold ravioli in a flooded outdoor basement.

BROOKE’S UHLENBOPS S1E11: Favorite Songs Finale

Graphic made using Canva, Picrew

On the final episode of Brooke’s UhlenBops, Brooke asks another set of editors and staffers what their favorite songs are and why those songs mean so much to them.  RELATED: BROOKE’S UHLENBOPS...

BROOKE’S UHLENBOPS S1E10: What’s your favorite song?

Graphic made using Canva, Picrew

This week on Brooke’s UhlenBops, host Brooke Uhlenhop has put together a special episode featuring State Hornet staff members: Nijzel Dotson, Bradley Hinkson, Kayla Brown and Shiavon Chatman discussing...

BROOKE’S UHLENBOPS S1E9: Staffers’ Favorite Genres: Hip-Hop

Graphic made using Canva, Picrew

On this episode of Brooke’s UhlenBops, the format is changed up a bit as host Brooke Uhlenhop is joined by State Hornet staff writer Nijzel Dotson to give Dotson a chance to discuss one of his favorite...

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