1980s double feature tonight

Jason Okamoto

No, we?re not celebrating the men and women from the “Great Generation” who have survived 80-plus years, but UNIQUE is helping us celebrate the 1980s, the greatest decade in recent memory.

What better way to capture the true essence of the 1980s than to take a look at the most important documents produced in the period: the movies. Thursday at 7:30 p.m., UNIQUE presents a free 1980s double feature in the nostalgically decorated Hinde Auditorium in the University Union. Both films are classics written and directed by quintessential 1980s filmmaker John Hughes.

First to show will be “Sixteen Candles,” starring Molly Ringwald, with fellow “Brat Packer” Anthony Michael Hall. Second is one of the most important films of the 1980s, “Ferris Bueller?s Day Off,” starring Mathew Broderick.

If the movies won?t do it for you, on Dec. 5 you may be selected to participate in the “80s Trivia Game,” a trivial pursuit-type game featuring questions on the era compiled by the UNIQUE staff. This event will be held at noon, also in the Hinde Auditorium.

“A lot of our committee members are from that generation,” said UNIQUE program adviser Bill Olmsted. “The 80s was the time where the pop culture became impressionable to them.”

Although many are surely glad the 80s are gone, judging by last semester?s turn out for 1980s pop-queen Tiffany, it?s hard to deny that the decade left a strong impression.