Speech offers alternative views on foreign and domestic policies

Jason Okamoto

Tomorrow from noon to 1:15 p.m., former Army Chaplain Charlie Liteky will speak about the School of the Americas (SOA) in Sacramento State?s Hinde Auditorium.

The speech is the second in the Global Issues Series sponsored by the Multicultural Center. This year?s series is entitled “Peace, Action, & Empire: Local & World Struggles for Justice.”

“We want to present [students with] alternative views of foreign and domestic policy,” said Maggie Coulter, an employee at the Multicultural Center.

Mr. Liteky?s speech, “U.S. Complicity in 3rd World Oppression,” is intended to inform unknowing citizens about the SOA?s training of young Latin-American men in counter-revolutionary warfare.

According to Liteky, his goal is to simply “inform the students about what?s going on.” “It?s in our national interest [to learn about the SOA] because our tax dollars go to support it,” Liteky said.

The first speech in the series, “The Bias of the Mainstream Media,” was given last week by Eduardo Cohen. The speech was informative for Hazem Ibrahim, an Intercultural Communications graduate student. “We understand we are different,” said Ibrahim, “but being aware is not enough. We need more knowledge.”

The speeches will continue weekly through October. Upcoming topics include “The Palestinian People?s Struggle” and “The Drug War.” Additional information about the series is available from the Multicultural Center, located in Library 1010.