Chase(d) Out?

Jason Okamoto

Last week Crystal Chase resigned from her position as Associated Students, Inc.’s Vice President of University Affairs. It has been speculated that her early exit was the result of a dishonest process set into motion by ASI executives.

I spoke with Chase at a table hidden in a dark wet corner of the Hive. She was composed and ready to spill the beans, or at least that’s what I thought. I wanted her to speak for herself in the space that I am granted every week.

Before I started asking questions, she had made it clear that she didn’t want to say anything spiteful or offensive about the elusive organization we all know as ASI. I crossed out about half the questions I was going to ask. I quickly felt the gravity of the situation in which I was involving myself. This was serious.JASON OKAMOTO: Now that you no longer work for ASI, do you get to keep your faculty-parking pass?

CRYSTAL CHASE: I actually never got one, by choice.JO: When I read the legislation regarding your removal, I couldn’t help but laugh. It just seems to be silly and ridiculous.

CC: If it weren’t my name on the legislation, then I would feel the same way.

JO: According to an article written in last week’s State Hornet, Eric Guerra said that your character is one that should be questioned. What kind of character are you, and what do you have to say about Eric Guerra’s character?

CC: I am a very hard worker-if you want to, call my boss- and I am totally dedicated to my family. I feel that a part of good character is prioritizing, and that is family.

As for Eric Guerra, if he wants to have a character debate, fine, but I’m way out of his league on that.

JO: Which world leader, past or present, would you compare Eric Guerra to?

CC: I don’t believe there is any world leader worth comparing him too.

JO: Is Eric Guerra a dictator?

CC: I think his actions answer that question.

JO: When you were in ASI, what was your outlook regarding your own position?

CC: I made it very clear that my goal this year was to redefine my position. There is basically one paragraph in the bylaws that ambiguously describes the job.

It was my goal this year not to worry about doing anything huge, but to make my position effective.

JO: What was your reason for missing the ASI retreat?

CC: My mother’s car died, so she was using my car. I didn’t have a car… I called people, because I was planning on being a day late, and everybody was already up there.

Actually a lot of people left early, it was supposed to be a three-day retreat, but half of the people left after one day.

JO: Why did you choose to resign, rather than going through the removal process?

CC: Legislation like that would have only divided the board, and it was clear that the rest of the year would have been more disastrous. It is not fair to the board, it’s not fair to me and I don’t think it was fair of Eric to even begin a process like that.

JO: What is your favorite movie?

CC: I really don’t have one favorite. I like a lot of movies, like “The American President,” Legally Blonde,” and “Steel Magnolias,” which is a total chick flick and pretty old.

JO: What are your hobbies?

CC: More recently I have been working out to relieve stress, and enjoying a book during my workout, because it’s hard to make time to read unless I’m working out, and I would never make it through my workout if I wasn’t enjoying myself.

I’m finding a little bit more free time, but it has only been like a day…we’ll see.