Sacramento band on the rise

Jason Okamoto

At the Green Thunder pre-game show, on March 1, Freestate will play their first show on the Sac State campus this year. This performance will be coming off their upcoming performance at the Capitol Garage Feb. 12. After Freestate rocks Sac State, they will be playing the Boardwalk on March 7. What?s the story behind this busy band?

The band was born in 1998, after Luke Wood saw the Tom Hanks movie “That Thing You Do,” and was inspired to start a band with his brother Joshua. However, the ?50s rock from the movie doesn?t accurately reflect their work. Freestate?s clearest influence is from the popular hard rock band Creed, but the band?s interests aren?t limited to the American Billboards.

“Me and my brother used to have a roommate from Germany who got us into a German band called Liquedo,” Joshua Wood reflects. “They have really good rhythms.” With Joshua on bass and Luke on guitar, both exercising their vocals, the Wood brothers have written their own songs along with drummer Jared Gunter.

Freestate has seen its share of drummers along the way, but the Buddy Rich-lovingGunter brings a jazzy element that fits in perfectly with Freestate?s repertoire.

With the release of their new single, “Wonder,” Freestate is warming up to an album, hopefully in the near future. In “Wonder,” the brothers Wood exchange catchy verses while keeping a rough harmony when toning their inspired lyrics. The band has higher profile shows lined up at venues such as Scratch 8 and the Crest. The single should be available for purchase at some of these shows. In addition to “Wonder” and its instrumental, it will also include three live tracks from an acoustic session recorded at The Boardwalk.

The brothers are appreciative of the punk rock-type freedom that inspires them to express their message of self-awareness. “Our music?s about changing the way you think of yourself and not being fake,” said Joshua Wood.