Aliens manipulate humans

Jason Okamoto

President Donald Gerth looks like an alien from another planet if I ever saw one. This is not intentionally meant to be insulting, but rather just a natural response to the way the way the guy looks. Or that’s what the alien beings would have me believe.

According to author and UFO conspiracy theorist William Bramley, it is hardly my fault if I happen to hurt a man’s feelings by saying that he looks like ET’s overweight stepfather and he scares the hell out of me. This is because according to Bramley, the viciousness in man is the result of aliens tampering with the human race. The result is not only small conflicts, but also war, genocide and I assume the invention of things such as nuclear weapons. In his book, “The Gods of Eden,” Bramley explains that alien forces have enslaved our minds, interfering with humanity. Everything from Christianity, to politics to world finance has all been determined by this order. “The Gods of Eden” has been described as the “ultimate conspiracy book” because it easily explains the reason for the existence of UFOs and Aliens. They are simply guiding us into this century with their tools of violence in order to insure that we humans never live up to our full potential.

Bramley quotes the current president who has even spoken for the aliens.”After the Declaration of Independence was signed; Virginian statesman John Page wrote to wrote to Thomas Jefferson: ‘…Do you not think that an angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs the storm?…’ This work continues. This story goes on. And an angel still rides in the Whirlwind and directs the storm.” As given by George W. Bush, in his inaugural address.

What could possibly be telling Bush that war is imminent? What, or who, controlled Hitler’s mind, until all his thoughts were on killing the Jews. “The Gods of Eden” explains that genocide was the result of mass insanity instilled in us by aliens. Maybe I was onto something relating President Girth to an alien. Maybe former Hornet Editor and conspiracy theorist Josh Leon was onto something when he stated last semester at an ASI meeting; “Gerth wants us all to die.”