Willams and DeVito talk ?Smoochy?


Image: Willams and DeVito talk ?Smoochy?:Still courtesy Warner Bros.Robin Williams, above, plays a disgraced children?s show host out for revenge in “Death to Smoochy.”:

Jason Okamoto

In the twilight of their careers, Robin Williams and Danny DeVito are doing everything in their power to secure their spots in movie history. One could say that there is no slowing downfor these two men, however this fast-paced mentality often precludes quality.

The fact of the matter is that Williams and DeVito have slowed down, taking their time to be a part of films that mean more to them, and sharing it with us.

Robin Williams is one character in Hollywood who seems to live apart from anything that resembles star power. From San Francisco he jumps on a film set, casts an electric spell on a movie, and returns home like a wizard to his enchanted cave.

When it comes to being a celebrity, he doesn?t walk the walk or talk the talk. Williams struts his stuff the only way he knows how: crazily, flamboyantly and jubilantly.

Wiliams has proven his acting range in the past with numerous comedies, as well as touching dramas. In “Death to Smoochy,” Williams plays a crazed child?s icon obsessed with ruining his replacement, Smoochy the Rhino, played by Edward Norton.

Although the movie mocks the business of children?s television, Williams insist that he just wants people to laugh at the movie that he describes as “kick-ass funny.” Williams also stresses that with an “R” rating, “Smoochy” is not for kids.

“The movie is for 18 to 55-year olds,” Williams said. “Or, just don?t bring anyone under 30.”

Directing “Death to Smoochy” is versatile veteran Danny DeVito, who has had a successful career making twisted films like, “Throw Moma from the Train,” and “The War of the Roses.” With “Smoochy” DeVito continues on with his dark humor theme, even though he prefers to look at it differently.

“I never try to look for dark humor,” DeVito says, “But I do like to take risks.”

The filming style of “Smoochy” definitely takes risks, combining DeVito?s German impressionism influences with his love for old Hollywood musicals.

With “Death to Smoochy” currently in theatres, the two artists have a lot to offer audiences in the near future. Robin Williams will star alongside Al Pacino in the remake of the 1997 Norwegian film, “Insomnia.” Williams will also star in the feature debut of video director Mark Romaneck (Madonna, Nine Inch Nails) called “One Hour Photo.”

Besides running his productin company, Jersey Films, DeVito is currently directing the film “Duplex,” a comedy with Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller. He can also be seen this summer in the new “Austin Powers” movie.

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