Sac State hits the Jackpot today

Jason Okamoto

University UNIQUE Programs? “Nooner” entertainment series returns today with local band Jackpot bringing their wry and rustic sound to the stage.

If you are a music fan, but are tired of all the current bubble-gum pop, then Jackpot might be just the sound for you. The band is known for its “roots rock,” a hybrid of folk music and alternative rock, but their diversity ranges beyond either of those categories.

Jackpot mixes Iron Maiden-inspired beats with lyrics similar to those of Judas Priest to rock the stage. The band has also been compared to the Ramones.

James Sullivan from the San Francisco Chronicle calls Jackpot “one of the best live acts around.”

With the recent release of “Weightless,” the follow-up to their debut record “Bone-Ville,” the band has taken a space in heavy rotation on college radio all across America, which makes seeing them live in the Serna Plaza at noon worthy of your time between classes.