?Giant? men on campus

Image: ?Giant? men on campus:They Might Be Giants celebrate the release of their new album Mink Car with a concert Thursday in the Union.:

Image: ?Giant? men on campus:They Might Be Giants celebrate the release of their new album “Mink Car” with a concert Thursday in the Union.:

Jason Okamoto

Cult favorite alternative-rock band They Might Be Giants are coming to Sacramento State?s University Union Ballroom tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. The Brooklyn rock duo has established itself in pop music without being placed in the constrictive realm of the modern pop definition.

The “Two Johns,” John Flansburgh and John Linnell, have a sound that tickles the funny bone as well as entertaining the imagination. The pair play on tour with the “Band of Dans”: Dan Miller on guitar, Dan Weinkauf on bass and Dan Hickey on drums.

Television viewers may have heard the band?s song “Boss of Me” as the theme to Fox?s award-winning comedy, “Malcolm in the Middle.” Earlier this year the band debuted the video of the song after the opening credits of the show. The song can be found on the “Malcolm in the Middle” soundtrack album released earlier this year.

“They Might Be Giants” punched out their first self-titled album in 1986, and since then have released over 10 albums including “Lincoln,” “Flood,” “Apollo 18” and “Factory Showroom.” “The Johns” have also released a live album and various solo projects. The new album, “Mink Car,” has just hit record stores and contains songs such as “Man, It?s So Loud in Here,” “Another First Kiss” and “Drink!”

The band?s music consists of many instrumental sounds. Each of their albums feature guest musicians, but “the Johns” themselves are quite competent with many instruments. Linnell supplies the accordion, keyboards, woodwinds and vocals. Flansburgh accompanies with guitar as well as vocals.

Tickets for the show are $15 general admission and $10 with a student OneCard. They can be purchased from the Sacramento State Ticket Office or at www.tickets.com.

For those who would like to preview songs by “They Might Be Giants” they can be heard on their 24-hour hotline, “Dial-A-Song,” at (718) 387-6962.

See the review of “Mink Car” online at www.statehornet.com.