Movie Reviews: An American Rhapsody and Zoolander

Image: Movie Reviews: An American Rhapsody and Zoolander:Ben Stiller in Zoolander :

Image: Movie Reviews: An American Rhapsody and Zoolander:Ben Stiller in “Zoolander” :

Jason Okamoto

An American Rhapsody

Written and directed by Eva Gardos, “An American Rhapsody” tells the story of a young girl from Hungary, who comes to America to be reunited with her family. Due to the political injustice of the time (the 1960s), the girl had to be left behind, but when she reaches America she finds a difficult culture to adjust to. Ten years later, she has grown into a rebellious teenager and fights constantly with her overprotective mother. With the help of her father, she takes a plane back to Hungary in an attempt to find herself. The movie is based on the filmmaker?s real life, and in this respect is well paced. Gardos deserves credit for uniting the theme of patriotism with a coming of age story, in a fairly modern-day setting. The film has spectacular potential, but suffers from too-straightforward storytelling. “An American Rhapsody” is like a refreshing detour in a scholastic history book, but like many items in history books, it?s easily forgotten.

Two and a half out of four stars


When Ben Stiller masturbated onto his ear in “There?s Something about Mary” he was doing it for us ? to make us laugh. Stiller?s new film, “Zoolander,” is what happens when he masturbates for Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino once said, “Old scripts are like old girlfriends: I love them, but I?m not going to marry them.” This makes one wonder why Ben Stiller would subject us to his old sketch character, Derek Zoolander.

-Ben Stiller in “Zoolander” Derek Zoolander is a model whose position is being threatened, after years on the top, by rival model Hansel, played by Owen Wilson. Taking note of Derek?s plight, famous fashion designer Maguta (Will Ferrell) attempts to manipulate him into assassinating a Malaysian minister who has a stance against child labor. Put two and two together. Even though the film is Stiller?s brainchild, the real star is Wilson. Wilson seems to be the only actor in the film to acknowledge that he is performing for an audience. All of the characters in “Zoolander” are stupid, but are still rewarded somehow. Generally I make it a rule to always root for the underdog, but it seems a waste of time trying to find one here. At least Austin Powers had funny, messed-up teeth.

One and a half out of four stars