Music from ‘The Mind’

Jason Okamoto

To kick off the month of November, UNIQUE presents the acid jazz band The Mind Club today at noon in Hinde Auditorium.

The Mind Club is a local band and the creation of Greg Williams, a Sacramento State grad student. Williams is also a guitar instructor for the music department and works for the Sacramento Kings organization, composing music for TV and radio spots. The band consists of Williams (guitar), Scott Reams (keyboard and saxophone), Creed Maggiora (drums), Mario Sebastian (percussion) and Dave Garrity (bass).

Williams describes the band?s music as being a “trance-like experience, fused with acid jazz.”

The band has played at Sac State before, accompanied by psychedelic lighting during Williams? senior recital. Williams earned an “A” grade for his stage performance.

Their debut album,”Spygroovin,” released last year, is a jazz-funk album inspired by spy shows from the 60s and 70s such as “The Avengers.” The band is currently working on a live album as well as another studio album, recorded from a computer-based studio set up in Williams?s home.

“It?s going to sound like ?Spygroovin,? but more cinematic,” Williams said.