Great scary videogames

Nathan Mendelowitz

Scary video games have been around since the original Doom brought us all to hell and back. The horror genre is still an evolving one with games using different tactics to scare gamers.

Whether it’s the psychological terror or the heart-pounding fear, they all do one thing and that’s scare us while we play.

So here is a list of three scary games that not only do it well but make it fun to actually be scared while playing.

3. “Resident Evil 4”

“Resident Evil 4” revolutionized survival horror games with new gameplay aspects and an over-the-back perspective rather than a third-person angle.

What “Resident Evil 4” did best was give the heart-pounding fear of never being ready and always being on the lookout for supplies. As the genre name entails, it’s truly survivor horror when you never have enough ammo to feel safe and must pick your battles.

Do you waste your ammo on regular enemies and hope to still have enough for bosses? Or do you hoard ammo and supplies only engaging in battle when it’s the only option? These choices weigh heavily on your mind while traversing the creepy woods and a dilapidated castle not sure what kind of evil you will find.

It also doesn’t help when a maniac with a potato bag on his face and a huge chain saw in his hands is ready to slice you in half. However, this is what makes playing the game great.

2. “Silent Hill 3”

The “Silent Hill” series has been known for its take on the psychological aspects of video games. Making people unsure of what’s going on is what the franchise preys on. It also has puzzles requiring tons of thought making a great recipe for success.

“Silent Hill 3” did this best by connecting the story of the first game into this one. The daughter born from a satanic ritual coming back to the mysterious town was done well.

The setting is created perfectly with an ever-present fog in the town hiding all the horrors from sight.

However, it’s the mind-bending fear when players are brought into the “otherworld” where reality and physics don’t seem to work right making this game a masterpiece of horror. Blood is everywhere and disgustingly disfigured creatures with no faces and elongated limbs are present, making the horror scary for anyone.

Playing through this place takes a toll on the mind when you are suddenly sent back to normal time and place where it seems like nothing actually happened. Was it all in the characters mind or is it just another dimension? This is a question usually not in a video game but it is in “Silent Hill 3” and it’s done well.

1. “Dead Space”

There are few games that do one thing so well it makes the game great even if the other stuff isn’t as good. “Dead Space” not only did this but did it in all forms of horror making, one of the greatest games ever in the process.

The setting is on a broken down starship infected with zombie-like enemies and grotesque monsters. The ambiance is set from the start with the entire game being played in almost all dark with only a small light coming from your character. It makes the heart-pounding fear feel real because it’s always scary not knowing what’s going to happen.

The shock is provided with moments of monsters breaking through walls and bursting out of ventilation grates ready to strike. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s scary and usually a huge hulking figure that can’t be taken down easily.

Finally, the psychological aspect is covered perfectly. One of the supporting characters helping throughout the journey is the main character’s girlfriend. There are moments where she is guiding you through obstacles and even helping you fight enemies. This all seems good until you find out she’s been dead the entire time. It’s a great twist and really adds to the horror knowing your character is close to insanity.

All these things make it one of the greatest games in general. This is horror done right.

Keep in mind this list is only games I have played so I know there are plenty other great horror games out there. So please leave your favorite horror game and why in the comment section below.


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