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REVIEW: ‘Prince of Darkness’ is a masterpiece of horror

Bradley Hinkson says that the 1987 film

Bradley Hinkson

October 23, 2020

Continuing his Halloween review series, Bradley Hinkson discusses “Prince of Darkness,” which he sees as one of the absolute best from horror legend John Carpenter, and also one of the scariest films of all time.

THE LO-DOWN: I swiped right on over 1,000 people on Tinder

Graphic by Makenna Roy. Illustration by Tara Gnewikow.

Lauren Vannucci

October 19, 2020

Read about Lauren’s experience swiping right on over 1,000 people on Tinder to acquire tips on all things related to online dating and dating apps!

OPINION: ASI President’s resignation was disgraceful

Former ASI president Christian Landaverde said the COVID-19 campus closure at the end of his presidency shifted his focus towards his other career goals. Landaverde said he stepped down to study for his law school admissions test and spend time working on the Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board. Photo by Tanner Landon. Photo Illustration by Rahul Lal.

Jordan Parker

October 19, 2020

When students choose to vote for you, they are trusting you to faithfully serve and carry out the very promises you made to them during the campaigning process.

REVIEW: The 5 best ‘Treehouse of Horror’ segments from ‘The Simpsons’

Bradley Hinkson

October 15, 2020

In this week’s recommendation, opinion writer Bradley Hinkson takes a different route and lists some of his favorite segments from the Halloween specials done by “The Simpsons.”

REVIEW: ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ is more romantic than scary, and that’s OK

Amelie Bea Smith as Flora, Victoria Pedretti as Dani and Amelia Eve as Jamie in

Bradley Hinkson

October 14, 2020

The followup to the 2018 “The Haunting of Hill House” Netflix series, “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” is here and Bradley Hinkson discusses how the show takes a gothic romance route to deliver an emotional story that is focused on love rather than fear.

OPINION: Congratulations LeBron, but you’re still not the GOAT

Jordan Parker

October 13, 2020

With LeBron James leading the Lakers to their 17th NBA Championship Sunday night, James’ fourth win, the rumblings have never been louder about who the greatest basketball player of all time is.

THE LO-DOWN: The most iconic songs that made me the bad bleep I am today

Graphic by Makenna Roy. Illustration by Tara Gnewikow.

Lauren Vannucci

October 12, 2020

Reminisce on feel-good anthems with Lauren Vannucci as she reacts to songs that shaped her into the person she is today!

REVIEW: Top 10 books I’ve read in quarantine

Estefany Nuñez offers an assortment of nonfiction, gothic horror and psychological book recommendations that she's read during quarantine. Book covers by Balzer + Bray, Viking, Bloomsbury Circus, Vintage, William Morrow and Del Rey.

Estefany Nunez

October 9, 2020

Reading from the safety of your home is one activity that COVID-19 hasn’t ruined. From true crime to science fiction to gothic horror, Estefany Nuñez recommends the best books she’s read since March.

REVIEW: ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ is the horror rock musical you need now

Winslow Leach (William Finley) dawns his disguise as the titular

Bradley Hinkson

October 8, 2020

In this week’s recommendation, Bradley Hinkson talks about the cult classic “Phantom of the Paradise,” a film that uses horror, camp and 70s rock to mock and satirize the music industry.

EDITORIAL: Great, we had an anti-racism convocation — here’s what Sac State needs to do next

Graphic made in Canva.

State Hornet Editorial Board

October 8, 2020

The convocation was a step in the right direction, but the university has a lot more work to do.

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