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Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Marvel Studios’ “Loki,” exclusively on Disney+. Loki is the first character to be gender fluid in the MCU, meaning their gender identity falls outside the binary construct. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All rights reserved.
OPINION: It’s time for the Marvel universe to follow through on LGBTQ+ representation
Phase four promises diversity, but will it deliver?
Alex Muegge June 28, 2021
Marvel fan and The State Hornet’s copy editor, Alex Muegge, calls out Marvel Studios for their lack of LGBTQ+ representation.
Illustration concept by Khalil Bourgoub.
Khalil’s Virtual Venue: 6 Chill Songs to Relax and Study for Finals To
Khalil Bourgoub May 18, 2021
Music beat writer Khalil Bourgoub shares a small collection of songs that help him study for his big tests and papers.
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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Introducing The State Hornet’s new Editor-in-Chief
Jordan Parker, copy editor • May 18, 2021
Incoming Editor-in-Chief Jordan Parker talks about his goals for The State Hornet for the next school year.
Anthony Mackie plays Falcon/Sam Wilson in Marvel Studios
Does ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ending mean an MCU ‘reboot’?
Two copy editors duke it out in a ‘Civil War’
Jordan Parker and Alex Muegge May 13, 2021
Copy editors Jordan Parker and Alex Muegge can do this all day. Read here as they tirelessly debate over whether or not the MCU is being rebooted.
Illustration concept by Khalil Bourgoub
6 Songs To Quit Your Job To: Khalil's Virtual Venue
A playlist for graduating seniors and underappreciated workers
Khalil Bourgoub May 12, 2021
Music beat writer Khalil Bourgoub made a playlist for fellow graduating students and service workers ready to leave their jobs for new opportunities. Read about his picks here:
Illustration concept by Khalil Bourgoub
Khalil’s Virtual Venue: Alternative Rock Subgenres
Diving deeper into some of the lesser known genres of rock
Khalil Bourgoub May 9, 2021
Exploring some of the weirder subgenres of rock with music beat writer Khalil Bourgoub.
The titular Mitchell family from "The Mitchells vs. The Machines". From left to right, Linda, voiced by Maya Rudolph, Katie, voiced by Abbi Jacobson, Aaron, voiced by Michael Rianda, Monchi, voiced by Doug the Pug, and Rick, voiced by Danny McBride. Photo courtesy of Netflix.
REVIEW: “The Mitchells vs. The Machines” is fittingly eccentric and heartfelt
The new animated film finds the right balance of being offbeat and emotional
Bradley Hinkson May 5, 2021
‘The Mitchells vs. The Machines’ is a new animated film about the offbeat Mitchells family being humanity’s last hope of saving the world from a robot apocalypse, and opinion writer Bradley Hinkson discusses how the film is a delight for its animation and heart.
Level Up with Shelby: EA’s botched vow against racism
Level Up with Shelby: EA’s botched vow against racism
Shelby Tolly May 5, 2021
“Level Up with Shelby” comes with another hot take segment, but on EA’s “vow” to stop racism in their gaming community with FIFA 21.
Illustration concept by Khalil Bourgoub
Khalil’s Virtual Venue: A Post-Vaccine Posse Cut Playlist
A playlist for reuniting with your friends after a whole year apart
Khalil Bourgoub April 28, 2021
Music beat writer Khalil Bourgoub started a new column called Khalil’s Virtual Venue and made a playlist for vaccinated friend groups reuniting.
Anthony Hopkins in “The Father”. Hopkins won the Best Actor award at this year’s Oscars but his win left the ceremony on an odd note. Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.
OPINION: So… those Oscars, huh?
Hollywood’s biggest night left many perplexed by the end
Bradley Hinkson April 26, 2021

It’s going to be hard to discuss the Oscars without going straight into the ending. To be honest, Anthony Hopkins’ Best Actor win for...

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