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If you’re looking to open your wallet to spend some money on streaming services, copy editor Jordan Parker ranked the top services from best to worst. Graphic by Jordan Parker.

OPINION: Ranking the top streaming services from best to worst

Jordan Parker, copy editor March 11, 2021
Copy editor Jordan Parker ranks the available streaming services available to subscribe to.
The State Hornet’s 2021 March Madness picks for most binge-worthy TV shows. Categories were made up from streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ and more. Graphic made in Canva.

March Madness 2021: Most binge-worthy TV shows

Magaly Muñoz and Nijzel Dotson March 10, 2021
A March Madness bracket made up of 32 different shows you can binge during quarantine. Vote for your favorites!
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins threatens to quit Fortnite because of an alleged “stream sniping” incident during a Fortnite stream on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021. He said he was “stream striped,”which is when another player mid-game watches a popular streamer to gain a competitive advantage against that streamer. (Screenshot via Ninja’s Twitch).

OPINION: People are being racist in your chat, Ninja. Do something.

Blynn Beltran March 9, 2021
“Gaming influencers with large followings, especially those with young and impressionable kids, need to step up and take responsibility for what happens in their streams,” says Blynn Beltran on stream gamer Ninja’s latest message to parents.
According to the CDC, people ages 18-29 are responsible for 22.4% of COVID-19 cases in the United States as of March 4. That is 4,836,514 cases, the highest of any age group in the U.S.

EDITORIAL: Please, get the COVID vaccine

“We eat from the Taco Bell drive-thru or microwave ramen how many nights a week, and you’re worried about taking a vaccine authorized by two ideologically separate administrations?”
Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany play Wanda Maximoff and Vision respectively in the new Disney+ series, “WandaVision.” The show replaced “Black Widow'' in being the first installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four after the pandemic delayed its May 2020 release. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

DUO REVIEW: ‘WandaVision’ is wickedly entertaining, but ultimately underwhelming

Bradley Hinkson and Estefany Nuñez March 6, 2021
Have you watched the season finale of “WandaVision”? Read two reviews from different perspectives: an MCU fan and a film critic break down the superhero sitcom, the first Disney+ series to debut on the streaming service.
Xbox One, left, and Playstation 4, right, both released within a week of each other in November of 2013. I would play Call of Duty and Overwatch with friends via online on the Playstation 4.

OPINION: Video games have saved quarantine

Shelby Tolly March 2, 2021
Opinion writer Shelby Tolly and Sac State students talk about what video games have helped them get through the pandemic.
Frances McDormand plays Fern, a woman who has recently lost her job and home in the recession and starts to live as a nomad, in Chloé Zhao's

OPINION: How deserving were the 2021 Golden Globe Award winners?

Bradley Hinkson March 1, 2021
The Golden Globe Awards have kicked off the awards season, and opinion writer Bradley Hinkson discusses the ceremony itself, awkward celeb breakout rooms and who won the awards and if they were deserving of them.
Khalil Bourgoub’s collection of music queued up to celebrate influential Black artists includes a diverse representation of the most impactful genres of music they have played key roles in advancing. Album covers are Love, Ella by Ella Fitzgerald, Around The World In A Day by Prince and The Revolution, The Score by Fugees and Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest. Graphic by Khalil Bourgoub

BHM Playlist: A history lesson on Black music’s impact

Khalil Bourgoub February 28, 2021
A playlist of influential Black artists curated by our music beat writer Khalil Bourgoub.
The Sinclair family from the series

OPINION: How ‘Dinosaurs’ stays relevant 30 years later

Bradley Hinkson February 24, 2021
Nearing the 30th anniversary of when it first premiered, opinion writer Bradley Hinkson discusses the classic sitcom “Dinosaurs” and the ways that the show stays relevant and will always be modern.
Promotion still/video thumbnail posted by

REVIEW: “ENA” captures the feeling of a dream like nothing you’ve ever seen

Robbie Pierce, podcast editor February 18, 2021
Perúvian animator Joel Guerra’s “ENA” captures the feeling of a dream like nothing you’ve ever seen, writes podcast editor Robbie Pierce in this review of the ongoing avant-garde animated series.
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