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Students were invited for food and games on the ASI election night hosted KSSU DJs and card games on April 7. Hosting events like this needs to be more common for ASI if they want to accomplish their student outreach goals.

OPINION: Sac State’s student government committed to student outreach unsuccessfully

Directors should make better efforts connecting with student body
Kris Hall, Opinion Editor April 13, 2022
ASI announced their election results with games and food. If they want Sac State to know who they are, they need to host events like these all the time.
 (From left to right) Pride Center coordinator Tranh Pham (they/them), sociology major Ky Hervey (she/her), undeclared major Jamie Nielsen (they/he) and international relations major Emilie Jocson (she/they) denounce the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, in the Pride Center on April 6.

OPINION: Florida Gov. DeSantis passes ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, but who asked?

Kris Hall and Hannah Asuncion April 12, 2022
The Florida bill nicknamed the ‘don’t say gay’ bill gives parents the authority to manage children’s exposure to the LGBTQ+ community. The move is offensive to the existence of LGBTQ+ people, insinuating that children must be protected from knowledge of their existence.
“Pieces” is a low-budget 1982 slasher directed by Juan Piquer Simon and produced by both Spanish and American producers. The film is not exactly what you think it is, but instead one of the most confusing and bizarre slashers I have ever seen, and its marketing makes no effort to distance itself from its inspirations. (Image courtesy of Film Ventures International)

Zach’s Sunday Slashers: ‘Pieces’ – The chainsaw massacre with kung-fu fight scenes

Zachary Cimaglio April 10, 2022
Looking for that perfect bad movie to watch with your friends on a drunken afternoon? Check out the 1982 slasher B-movie “Pieces”, which State Hornet copy editor Zach Cimaglio called “so bad it’s actually good.”
Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) spots Michael Myers (Chris Durand) outside the window of her California home in 1998’s “Halloween: H20 Twenty Years Later”. The film is an early example of a “legacy sequel”, or a follow-up film featuring new characters and plot threads from the original film it is based on. (Courtesy of Miramax)

Zach’s Sunday Slashers: That other time ‘Halloween’ got a legacy sequel

And it…wasn’t awful?
Zachary Cimaglio, Copy Editor April 3, 2022
“Halloween” was rebooted with a direct sequel back in 2018, but that wasn’t the first time it got the legacy sequel treatment. “Halloween: H20” served the same purpose over 20 years ago, and State Hornet copy editor Zach Cimaglio believes it was a decent effort that was outdone by its own successor.
Staff writer Jenelle Lum shows her appreciation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She hopes to work at Marvel Studios for the franchise one day.

Avengers, assemble! Why the MCU is one of the greatest movie franchises

Jarvis, play “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin.
Jenelle Lum, staff writer March 30, 2022
Staff writer Jenelle Lum discusses why she believes the MCU is so successful.
Check out these four films featuring  women who contribute significantly to the film industry. Each film is either directed by or starring women. (Graphic made in Canva by Jenelle Lum. Movie stills by Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, IAC Films, A24 and Fox 2000 Pictures.)

4 movies that will make you say “#yasssqueen” for Women’s History Month

Let’s celebrate by watching these films led by women!
Jenelle Lum, staff writer March 29, 2022
Celebrate the month with films of various genres starring women.
Ghostface returns in the 2022 “Scream” reboot/sequel in one of the most violent and brutal incarnations of the character the series has ever seen. The series has had its ups and downs overall in terms of critical and fan reception, but the new ‘requel’ film has proven to be generally well-received. (Paramount Pictures)

Zach’s Sunday Slashers: The “Scream” franchise ranked from worst to best.

The franchise never lived up to the original, but it’s hard to call any of them 'bad.'
Zachary Cimaglio, Copy Editor March 27, 2022
The State Hornet’s copy editor Zach Cimaglio ranked the “Scream” films from worst to best in his brand new column “Zach’s Sunday Slashers”.
This year, there are 10 movies nominated for the Best Picture award. The Best Picture is known to be the highest honor at the Oscars.

OPINION- “And the Oscar goes to”: Sac State students weigh in on the best movies of 2021

Alexis Hunt, Visuals Staffer March 25, 2022

With the 94th annual Academy Awards only a few days away, Sacramento State students weighed in on their favorite movies from 2021 and shared their opinions on which movies deserve an Oscar. One of the...

Jedediah Sawyer, AKA Leatherface, stands in the doorway ominously in one of the early promotional images for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”  Leatherface was played by Mark Burnham this time around, taking up the mantle from Andrew Bryniarski, who played the villain in the remake films. 
 (Image courtesy of Netflix)

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a massacre on competent screenwriting

It’s time for Leatherface to hang up the chainsaw and take up knitting – the regular kind.
Zachary Cimaglio March 20, 2022
“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is Netflix’s newest attempt to bring new life into Leatherface. Unfortunately, it may be the worst film in the franchise. Read the review:
Mei is a very outgoing and bold 13-year-old. She is about to discover what it means to be a teenager. (Photo: Turning Red, Pixar/Disney, 2022)

It’s all about Mei: ‘Turning Red’ review

How Pixar’s latest movie addresses periods, first crushes and friendship.
Jenelle Lum, staff writer March 18, 2022
Sometimes, we all need to unleash our inner red panda.
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