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REVIEW: ‘Freaky’ is a blast of body-swapping goodness

Kathryn Newton as Millie in Christopher Landon's
Bradley Hinkson November 18, 2020
Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn star in the new body-swapping horror comedy “Freaky,” which is an absolute blast and finds the perfect balance between horror and comedy.

REVIEW: ‘Cemetery Boys’ is a rich, enthralling spin on tradition and culture

Estefany Nuñez November 4, 2020
“Cemetery Boys” was a joyous and spooky celebration of queer love, diversity, culture with a splendid take on the Día de Muertos holiday. It’s a perfect Autumn read.

REVIEW: 10 Songs for your Halloween playlist that aren’t ‘Monster Mash’

Illustration by Tara Gnewikow.
Tara Gnewikow, copy editor October 30, 2020
Are you going batty from hearing “Monster Mash” one too many times? Tara Gnewikow is sharing her picks for alternative Halloween songs to listen to.

REVIEW: ‘Prince of Darkness’ is a masterpiece of horror

Bradley Hinkson says that the 1987 film
Bradley Hinkson October 23, 2020
Continuing his Halloween review series, Bradley Hinkson discusses “Prince of Darkness,” which he sees as one of the absolute best from horror legend John Carpenter, and also one of the scariest films of all time.

REVIEW: The 5 best ‘Treehouse of Horror’ segments from ‘The Simpsons’

Bradley Hinkson October 15, 2020
In this week’s recommendation, opinion writer Bradley Hinkson takes a different route and lists some of his favorite segments from the Halloween specials done by “The Simpsons.”

REVIEW: ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ is more romantic than scary, and that’s OK

Amelie Bea Smith as Flora, Victoria Pedretti as Dani and Amelia Eve as Jamie in
Bradley Hinkson October 14, 2020
The followup to the 2018 “The Haunting of Hill House” Netflix series, “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” is here and Bradley Hinkson discusses how the show takes a gothic romance route to deliver an emotional story that is focused on love rather than fear.

REVIEW: Top 10 books I’ve read in quarantine

Estefany Nuñez offers an assortment of nonfiction, gothic horror and psychological book recommendations that she's read during quarantine. Book covers by Balzer + Bray, Viking, Bloomsbury Circus, Vintage, William Morrow and Del Rey.
Estefany Nuñez October 9, 2020
Reading from the safety of your home is one activity that COVID-19 hasn’t ruined. From true crime to science fiction to gothic horror, Estefany Nuñez recommends the best books she’s read since March.

REVIEW: ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ is the horror rock musical you need now

Winslow Leach (William Finley) dawns his disguise as the titular
Bradley Hinkson October 8, 2020
In this week’s recommendation, Bradley Hinkson talks about the cult classic “Phantom of the Paradise,” a film that uses horror, camp and 70s rock to mock and satirize the music industry.

REVIEW: ‘The ‘Burbs’ is a delightful dark comedy

Graphic made in Canva by Rahul Lal.
Bradley Hinkson October 1, 2020
Tom Hanks has to deal with some neighbors from hell in the 1989 cult classic “The ‘Burbs.” Opinion writer Bradley Hinkson discusses the film’s unique tone and jab at suburbia in his continuation of film recommendations for the spooky season.

REVIEW: Halloween Horror Recommendations: The ‘Unfriended’ movies are good, actually

Five friends start a normal Skype call that turns into a fight for their lives in
Bradley Hinkson September 24, 2020

With Halloween quickly approaching, why not spend that time recommending some horror films to get everyone in the mood for the spooky season? There’s a genuine fear of what we put out on the internet....

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