Old Sacramento bars are crawling with people for Halloween

Kaitlin Sansenbach

Eight bars in Old Sacramento will be hosting the fifth annual Halloween Bar Hop and anyone who is 21 years and older can find a fun time surrounded with costume contests, drink specials and live entertainment.

Participating bars are located within a two block radius: Fanny Ann’s Saloon, O’Mally’s, The Other Office, Vega’s, Coconut Grove, Sports Corner, La Terraza.

The bars will be featuring drink specials on premium beers and Bacardi deals as well as specific Halloween shooters and hard liquor specials. To soak up some of the liquor, there will also be late-night food served as well for all participants hopping their night away.

Organizer of the event and manager of River City Saloon Sean Derfield estimated there were more than 1,000 witches , nurses, zombie brides and every other ghoul drinking beer and liquor specials during last year’s halloween bash. For this year, there is an estimated 2,000 people attending.

Derfield said people attending the bar hop are dressed in extravagant costumes and oftentimes take on the character of their costumes as well.

“I am most looking forward to all the costumes people wear to the Halloween Bar Hop,” Derfield said. “The costumes are great and most people that dress up act different based on how they are dressed.”

Not only will costumes be a form of entertainment, but live DJs will be performing at various locations.

Around 9:00 pm, two-time participant DJ Eddie Z will be playing live music at River City Saloon and he said he is looking forward to another noteworthy year at Old Sacramento’s Bar Hop.

“It was a complete success last year. With all the bars in a close proximity, it turned out really well,” Eddie Z said. “Everyone who attended had a blast and I am really looking forward to this year’s turnout.”

Along with DJs playing live music for bar hoppers, Fanny Ann’s Saloon will be featuring karaoke for people who want to sing their favorite seasonal tunes or today’s hits.

The best part, if the live entertainment or the lines are too long for the liking, participants can just go to the next bar, Derfield said.

Last year’s participant 39-year-old Betty Vega said she hopes that this year’s will be just as great.

“I had a blast last year and expect it to be the just as fun or better,” Vega said. “I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a party during Halloween.”

With more than 15 bars in Old Sacramento, people don’t have to stick to one location and can go where the gloomy clouds of the night take them.

The night will end at 2 a.m. and there will be taxis present outside every bar waiting to take the drunk night vixens home safe and sound. there will be taxis waiting outside every bar to make sure bar hoppers who have had too much to drink

If this year’s Old Sacramento Halloween Bar Hop is anything like the previous year’s, it will sure be a bash to remember.