Students aim high in Sac State ROTC program

Lauren Reagan

Sacramento State’s on-campus Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corp program trains cadets to become 2nd lieutenants in the United States Air Force or United States Space Force. This program is a three to five year commitment as cadets work their way to fulfill program requirements.

Head of Detachment 088, Lt. Col. Terence Balmaceda said this program helps students who are interested in the military learn how to become better leaders and teach cadets teamwork skills and confidence.

Freshman and sophomore cadets in the program start off as GMC’s, known as General Military Course. In their first two years in the program, cadets train to be selected for a field training slot by completing an 18 day summer intensive training course.

Once a cadet has completed field training, they are now a POC, known as Professional Officer Course. Typically, juniors and seniors of the program will take on serious leadership roles in the program and help train the GMC’s.

Once a cadet has completed all the requirements for the program, they will graduate as a 2nd lieutenants and learn where they will be stationed for active duty after graduation.

Students who are interested in the program can go to Yosemite Hall room 122 and speak with the lieutenant colonel about where and how to sign up.