Staff Pick: ‘The Selfish Gene’

Scott Barrett

“The Selfish Gene” by widely acclaimed genetic scientist Richard Dawkins, is his first book, although, there are no signs of an undeveloped or inexperienced writer. Dawkins eloquently and cohesively outlines his theories of the implications of evolution in regard to altruism, selfishness and how these two approaches can be developed genetically.

It is a fun read and offers the insight of advanced biological and genetic understanding in fairly simple language. There are an abundance of acute examples that cover nearly every aspect, argument and answer to counter-arguments that an expert scientist could think of for a theory in his or her field.

The implications of “The Selfish Gene” advance through the book as the solid scientific reasoning for the character origins in nearly all life forms on earth is presented page by page, like a prosecuting lawyer in court steadily revealing an infallible case. It is definitely a book that will leave the reader thoroughly contemplating the revelations long after they set it down.