Sac State Says: Students reveal their essentials for Thanksgiving

Will Smith-Moore

Hailey Valdivia, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and everyone has their own version of a quintessential Thanksgiving, including Sacramento State students.

Favorite dishes 

Mashed potatoes was the top choice for many students. Ashriti Kumar, Public relations major, said her favorite dish was mashed potatoes because it is a classic. 

Another fan of mashed potatoes is criminal justice major Britney Garcia.

“My family is really good at cooking, so I kind of loved the ham, turkey and mashed potatoes,” Garcia said. 

Mechanical engineering major James Treydte also said his favorite dish was mashed potatoes and gravy. 

“My grandma makes a mean mashed potatoes and gravy. You know, family recipe passed down from generation to generation. It’s the best,” Treydte said.  

Thanksgiving plans 

A big part of Thanksgiving is spending time with loved ones. Some students said that their plans for the holiday were spending time with family. 

Garcia said that the holiday was important to her as her family is all separated and that Thanksgiving gave them a chance to come back together. 

“This is now a special day for me because I have time to be with my family and share a nice moment with them,” Garcia said. 

Kumar said her plans were to cook with her parents and to spend time with her family.

“Mostly it’s just my family at my house except this year my cousins are coming from Virginia, so it’ll be really big, which I’m excited for,” Kumar said. 

Treydte said he was excited for this Thanksgiving as this would be the first time going home this semester.

 “Thanksgiving with the family and that’s kind of it, you know, spending time with family,” Treydte said.

Giving thanks 

Being Thankful is an integral part of Thanksgiving and students shared what they were thankful for, from family and friends to being here at school. Kumar said that she was grateful for the people around including her family and friends.

Dathan Williams, a film major, said that he was grateful for everything. 

“[I’m grateful for] my parents, my mom,  my sister, my friends, just everybody I come into contact with,” Williams said. 

Treydte said he was thankful for just being here at Sac State. 

“Being here, honestly… I’m pretty happy where I am right now and I’m glad everything worked out,” Treydte said.