Woman with BB gun spotted at Lark Sacramento apartment complex

No charges or arrest made, BB gun surrendered

Alan Trinidad and Sara Nevis

Emma Hall and Chris Wong

A female resident of the Lark Sacramento entered the apartment complex’s clubhouse with a non-lethal weapon Tuesday, according to the Lark’s management.

According to Sacramento Police Department Officer Ryan Woo, the police department was called at 5:12 p.m. by Lark staff, responding to a disturbance report that a resident had a weapon. The suspect was a female resident with a BB gun, Woo said.

The BB gun was later surrendered to the police. No arrests or charges were made against the female resident, Woo said. 

A statement released by Lark Sacramento at 6 p.m. said the incident was resolved and “concluded safely.” 

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“An individual entered the clubhouse in possession of a weapon and staff called police, who responded promptly,” the statement from the Lark said. “The authorities have given us the all-clear. We believe all staff and residents are currently safe.” 

Lark resident Marnelle MacDula, a senior majoring in biological sciences at Sac State, said she saw the police at the Lark as she was leaving for rehearsal for the Sac State Symphonic Orchestra.

“The clubhouse was surrounded by police cars,” MacDula said. “And then I heard them say, ‘Oh, come outside with your hands behind your head.’”

MacDula said though sometimes she hears about problems at other student apartment complexes like The Crossings or The Element, the Lark usually does not have problems like the one Tuesday.

“This was pretty big and kind of scary because we’ve never really experienced this kind of attention before,” MacDula said.