REVIEW: Did Dave Chappelle’s new special go too far?


Screenshot via Netflix

Magaly Muñoz

If you keep up with any comedy specials on your streaming services, then you might know that Dave Chappelle recently came out with his fifth comedy special on Netflix, “Sticks and Stones.” 

He made sure to come out with a bang.

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When I tell you that I spent half the time with my jaw dropped open watching, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Chappelle started his show off with a joke about suicide, referencing the late celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain

He talked about how successful Bourdain was compared to someone who he knew in high school that had a not-so-successful life, saying the man he knew should’ve been the one to take his life instead.

Chappelle goes on to discuss this idea of “cancel culture” that social media has developed to defame celebrities like himself. In this case, I wouldn’t be very surprised if he’s the next person to get “canceled,” with how furious some people are about this comedy special.

The comedian covered many controversial topics from the last two years that would easily set off anyone who feels strongly about these issues. Michael Jackson’s documentary “Leaving Neverland” was among the most salacious of these topics.

Chappelle claimed that he didn’t believe either victims that were presented in that documentary or their accusations that they made towards the late King of Pop. Chappelle said that there is no way those boys or their parents didn’t know Jackson wasn’t going to take what he wanted after showering the families with expensive trips and gifts. 

“There’s no free trips to Hawaii,” said Chappelle.

The comedian goes on to say that if he was going to molest anyone, it would be famous ‘90s childhood actor, Macaulay Culkin. 

“I’m not a pedophile,” Chappelle said in his special. “But if I was, Macaulay Culkin is the first kid I’m f***ing.”

If you manage to get past the first 25 minutes of the special, then you hear even more shocking material, such as comments about the R. Kelly documentary, making fun of the transgender community and being anti-abortion.

My favorite moment was when Chappelle was talking about school shooters and how they were making the students at his son’s school do shooter drills. He made a very good point that school faculty was only giving the potential school shooter suggestions on how to kill the most amount of people, because they are sitting in those very desks where everyone is being taught how to safely escape.

It’s safe to say that if you are offended by these topics, you will not enjoy Chappelle’s special. I’m familiar with Chappelle’s humor and I found it difficult to get to the end.

But if you know how to take a joke, and maybe your humor is as dark as Chappelle’s, then check out his new comedy special “Sticks and Stones” on Netflix now. It’s a must watch for the dark and twisted.