Sac State 2019 ASI election results announced

Roughly 10% of the student body voted this year, ASI said


Eric Jaramishian - The State Hornet

Newly-elect Associated Students, Inc. Vice President of Finance Denisse Garcia celebrating with former ASI President Mia Kagianas. Garcia was elected into her new position at an election party held at The Well April 10, 2019.

Christian Miguel Landaverde and Jennifer Gross were elected President and Executive Vice President for the 2019-20 school year after Sacramento State’s Associated Students, Inc. elections held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As opposed to last year’s ASI presidential election, where only one ticket ran, Landaverde and Gross were up against two other tickets, winning by only 52 votes above Virginia Diaz Lazaro & Migdalia Sazo.

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The total percentage of students who voted in this election was 10.5%, higher than last year’s 8.8%.

Landaverde and Gross will be moving into the positions currently held by Noel Mora and Rachael Del Porto.

“We want to make sure your voices keep being heard on this campus and we want to address your basic needs,” Landaverde said. “We also want to make sure that this campus is a safe and inclusive campus for all of our students.”

Gross said she was excited for the win.

“Right now we’re just really excited,” Gross said. “We just won. We’re having a good time.”

Landaverde said he was “speechless. Literally.”

The presidential ticket was one of 11 positions voted on during this election.

The Elections Results Party 2019 was held on Wednesday night in the Terrace Room located in The WELL. Students, staff and candidates all gathered in anticipation of the results.

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Noor Sulaiman won the ticket for Director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and said she plans to use her platform to help students get access to mental health resources.

“I’m hoping to raise awareness for mental illness and health,” Sulaiman said. “A lot of students in NSM are stressed out because of the amount of assignments that we have, I think if we try to remove that stigma, and help them, provide them with the help that would be great.”

Not all positions were filled Wednesday, and the Director of Business Administration and Director of Education remain vacant.

Winners of Cash for Clubs, a system where voters pick their favorite clubs on campus to receive extra funding, included the Transfer Student Association in first place, Panhellenic Sorority Council in second place and the Honors Committee in third.

Prior to the results, party attendees mingled, played games and lined up to receive complimentary dinner.

President – Christian Miguel Landaverde

Executive Vice President – Jennifer Gross

Vice President of Finance – Denisse Garcia

Vice President of University Affairs – Noah Marty

Vice President of Academic Affairs – Israel Flores

Director of Arts & Letters – Gabriela Bermudez

Director of Engineering & Computer Science – Noah Venethongkham

Director of Health & Human Services – Colton Matics

Director of Natural Sciences & Mathematics – Noor Sulaiman

Director of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies – Samantha Elizalde

Eric Jaramishian also contributed to this report.

This story was updated on Friday, April 12, to reflect that student turnout for this year’s election was 10.5% of the student body, and not 10.2%.