Suspected purse thief arrested by University Police

Camille Anglo

A woman was arrested and charged with theft after she was seen walking on a roadway at Sacramento State on Thursday.

The woman, Yvonne Prestridge, was spotted walking on the road of State University Drive North by Officer Augustin Yaya. Prestridge is not affiliated with the campus.

University Police reports Officer Yaya found a purse on Prestridge, which had someone else’s identification inside. The owner of the purse had parked her car in a church parking lot north of campus and reported her belongings missing from her vehicle 30 minutes before Prestridge was apprehended.

Prestridge was taken into custody on suspicion of theft and the purse was given back to its owner.

University Police said students should always secure their vehicle and not leave any valuables in view.

To report any suspicious persons or activities on campus, please call the dispatch center at (916) 278-6851.

Camille Anglo can be reached at [email protected].