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Sac State discusses assault bystander prevention

Johanna Pugh

December 11, 2014

It is easy to speak in hypotheticals. It is one thing for people to say if faced with a potential situation, they would react a certain way; and it is another entirely to live it.It is also another to arm people with skills and the mindset that what people choose to do in reality can have a major imp...

Anti-Rape devices: Do we need them?

Johanna Pugh

December 8, 2014

The sun is set by the time your night class has ended, and you are walking to your car alone in the dark. Your keys are gripped tightly in the palm of your hand and you are cognizant of anyone that passes you by.This is a scene a number of women can relate to."As a woman walking alone at night, it’s like this ...

Columbia student carries a mattress as a symbol of her alleged rape

State Hornet Staff

September 16, 2014

Emma Sulkowicz, a 21-year-old senior at Columbia University, said she was raped on the first day of her sophomore year by a classmate. She has pledged to carry her dorm room mattress around campus every day as part of her senior thesis or until her alleged rapist is either expelled from the university or...

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State Hornet Staff

April 9, 2014

We’ve all indulged in a little internet surfing to laugh at ridiculous memes, but when certain pictures surface cracking jokes about suicide, domestic violence and rape, there needs to be some regulation. Out of all social media sites, Facebook is probably best known for having these types of images, pos...

Veteran’s Association stonewalling victims of military sexual assault

Army Private First Class Rosie Darby stands in a formation at a combat outpost in the Zhari district of Kandahar province, Afghanistan on February 1, 2013. (Alexandra Zavis/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Natalie Gray

December 4, 2013

A report came out by the American Civil Liberties Union, Service Women’s Action Network and the Veterans Legal Service Clinic at Yale Law School alleging that the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs discriminates against military sexual trauma survivors. This is beyond deplorable.The Veteran’s Assoc...

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Natalie Gray

October 15, 2013

No student should ever be afraid to walk across their college campus with the looming thought of someone following them, watching them and stalking them.Sexual assault comes in many forms and all cases should be investigated with urgency, sensitivity and effectiveness, which is exactly how Sacramento St...

New cup and straw design detects invisible date-rape drugs in drinks

New cup and straw design detects invisible date-rape drugs in drinks

Natalie Gray

September 17, 2013

Imagine feeling safer at every bar you walk into, knowing some pervert can’t slip you an undetected date rape drug. Soon a seemingly simple plastic cup and straw design will revolutionize the bar scene and hopefully help reduce the number of sexual assaults involving alcohol. The Center for Women ...

Robin Thicke blurs more than one line at the VMAs

Kaitlin Sansenbach

September 13, 2013

If you didn’t know what “twerking” was before the 2013 Video Music Awards, you do now, thanks to previous Disney child star, Miley Cyrus.With jaws dropping and minds racing, moral character was judged as Cyrus twerked herself all over the teddy bear infested stage during her performance of “We Ca...

Sac State offers new yoga class for trauma survivors

Kaitlin Sansenbach

May 7, 2013

Stress relief, mentoring and coping were found within the Yoga for Trauma Survivors event held at the Well on Tuesday. This event was promoted as a safe haven for anyone who has survived any type of trauma including, but not limited to, sexual assault and domestic violence. Traditionally, yoga has an emph...

Rape can not be categorized

Elizabeth Ramirez

September 5, 2012

Congressman Todd Akin seems to have decided to re-define rape for the nation. Apparently, a raped woman can prevent pregnancy if it is a “legitimate rape.” And this is when everyone might say, “Whaaat?” When some politicians decide to re-define a word - in this case, rape - it can bring upon more c...

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