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Gov. Christie faces campaigns difficulties with Bridgegate

State Hornet Staff

March 17, 2014

If you thought nothing could be more painful than getting booed off stage for the Super Bowl hand off ceremony, try getting compared to Nixon and the Watergate incident.New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, 2016 presidential hopeful for Republicans, has more to worry about than Democratic opposition with ...

Paving the way for Sen. Warren, 2016

Jaime Carrillo

December 4, 2013

We’re only into President Barack Obama’s first year of his second term and already every Democrat is revving up for 2016. And just like in 2008, the inevitable candidate seems to be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And like 2008, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Clinton receives another u...

Same sex marriage is gaining national momentum

Jaime Carrillo

November 6, 2013

Gay marriage is now legal in 13 states and as a surprise to no one, nothing bad has happened.Despite vetoing a gay marriage bill in New Jersey last year, Gov. Chris Christie backed down from challenging the courts on the matter.“The court has now spoken clearly as to their view of the New Jersey Cons...

Grand Old Party not so grand anymore

Jaime Carrillo

October 22, 2013

Even as a guy who doesn’t like parties, I get melancholy when one ends. Sen. John McCain probably gets the same feeling, considering his own party is slowly collapsing into itself. Because of the government shutdown McCain’s party so effectively orchestrated, the GOP has the lowest approval rating si...

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Jaime Carrillo

October 15, 2013

The Republican Party is solely responsible for the government shutdown, despite what the mainstream media will have you believe.Just about every narrative on cable news concerning the GOP-led government shutdown is that both parties are to blame for this latest folly. However, the reason a budget was not se...

EDITORIAL: Election results mean a nation divided

EDITORIAL: Election results mean a nation divided

State Hornet Staff

November 7, 2012

There’s no problem in stating this was a rough and tumble fight between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for president. With attack ads on in battle states and emails spammed with endorsements from members of Congress and celebrities, it’s easy to finally say goodbye to this election. No matter who wins ...

Factual accuracy

Samantha Gallegos

October 10, 2012

As Election Day approaches, campaigns for candidates and propositions are doing their best - and spending millions of dollars - to be victorious. Airwaves are packed with misleading political campaign ads attempting to capture undecided voters. California is getting a barrage of ads, not only for the pr...