Gov. Christie faces campaigns difficulties with Bridgegate

State Hornet Staff

If you thought nothing could be more painful than getting booed off stage for the Super Bowl hand off ceremony, try getting compared to Nixon and the Watergate incident.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, 2016 presidential hopeful for Republicans, has more to worry about than Democratic opposition with the weight of the George Washington Bridge Scandal on his back.

Christie spoke for less than a minute at the handing off ceremony in Arizona before the crowd showed their contempt for lanes closing at the George Washington Bridge.

To understand Christie’s precarious situation, first understand that the motives for closing the bridge are still unclear, as investigations have been underway for months now.

Christie’s officials jammed traffic on the bridge for days in a painful line of cars that stretched for miles under the claim that it was a traffic study. Drivers and commuters felt the pain of Christie’s “traffic study” as the line of cars lasted for hours.

Further speculation leads us to believe that Port Authority ordered the bridge between New Jersey and New York as political payback against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich. Causing one of the worst traffic back ups in history and upsetting hundreds, if not, thousands of drivers using revenge as an excuse is not the best idea.

To further add to the political retribution belief, Christie is currently refusing subpoenas, which are writs to attend court. If he’s refusing to attend court to at least deny the claims made against him, then he has learned nothing from the Zimmerman trials in Florida.

As of late, Christie has been marathoning town hall meetings addressing many issues that have to do with the Affordable Care Act and victims of Superstorm Sandy, but a CNN article said he consistently makes one statement during his meetings – ”You’re free to ask any question…you can ask me about whatever you want to ask about. It’s not just about Sandy related stuff.”

He might be considered a serious political contender now, compared to other candidates, but Christie definitely has a lot on his plate before people can start liking him again. Outside of some of the town hall meetings, bridge protesters called him out on his blunder.

The irony of Christie calling out Obamacare as a mistake while indirectly referring to himself as a president people need is Republican activists’ accusation of Christie being “too liberal” when he was “cozying up to Obama” during the height of the Hurricane Sandy issue, according to a CBS article.

While the George Washington Bridge scandal might be fading away slowly, when candidates are looking for ammunition against competitors for the 2016 campaign, Christie left them a bazooka locked and loaded.