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A strawberry and apple galette can be a scrumptious breakfast

Mix together with sugar, lemon, almond extract, and starch. Then mix in the fruits and gently toss everything together.
Anna Puccinelli April 23, 2013

A French galette is a buttery, golden brown pastry topped with fruit - anything from berries to apples - and is usually served as a lighter dessert or an indulgent breakfast. The orange-flavored dough...

How to make a wicked yummy tofu quiche without eggs

The wicked tofu quiche includes ingredients such as peanut butter, turmeric, mustard and most of all, tofu.
Janice Daniels March 19, 2013

One of my favorite memories is of being on a houseboat last summer and watching a herd of omnivorous middle-aged men and women consume a tofu quiche I had made as if it was the last meal they would ever...

Start your morning off with cool breakfast popsicles

Cody Powell-McClintick March 8, 2013

With all of the stress we accumulate throughout our busy days, it is imperative that we begin our day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast popsicles are a new and creative breakfast idea that shifts from...

Wrap up a hearty breakfast with these wraps

Dice the ham and add 3/4 cup for the wraps. This will give the wrap a salty and meaty taste to them.
Jane Park March 6, 2013

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but, for many of us college students we usually don’t make time to make a simple meal in the morning. With 15 minutes, these breakfast wraps are simple...

Sacramento State has many breakfast options for students

Anna Puccinelli March 6, 2013

A hearty breakfast is the best incentive to get me out of my warm bed when I have a date with school in those painfully early hours. When I have time, I enjoy waking up to a hot cup of coffee and a yogurt,...

Sing and eat bacon pancakes

To create the basic pancake batter, combine all of the dry ingredients into a large bowl.
Camille Anglo March 2, 2013

Bacon pancakes, a hodgepodge of two great things in one, is a delicious breakfast influenced by the show “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.” I’m not going to lie, but I’m a huge “Adventure Time...

Quick and easy breakfast inspired by the film ‘V for Vendetta’

Anna Puccinelli February 24, 2013

Egg in a basket is an easy-to-make breakfast dish and is great for those who are in a hurry in the morning. This dish, which was featured in the 2005 film “V for Vendetta,” is a slice of fried bread...

Use eggnog to make festive French toast

This holiday season, serve up warm eggnog French toast with butter, powdered sugar and any other toppings you would like.
Maya Frattini December 5, 2012

Winter break is approaching which means we all have more time to sleep, play and make French toast. To add some holiday spirit, let’s add eggnog to the mix - I promise you won’t regret it. This recipe...

These cranberry lemon scones will keep friends coming back for more

When the scones have cooled, drizzle them with your favorite melted white chocolate.
Alex Mecredy November 28, 2012

A festive treat perfect for breakfast or dessert, cranberry lemon scones are full of flavor and simple to prepare. Filled with fresh lemon, dried cranberries and white chocolate chips, these pas- tries...

French toast has never tasted so good

Adding French toast to a BLT gives the classic sandwich a moist, salty crunch that compliments the crispy bacon slices.
Camille Anglo and Alex Mecredy October 9, 2012

An offshoot of the Croque Monsieur (ham, cheese and toasted bread smothered in Swiss cheese), the French toast BLT is a twist on both the sandwich and classic breakfast favorite. To most people, the idea...

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