Sac State Career Center, FBI host Collegiate Citizens Academy

Tuesday’s session, the first of 5, drew in more than 100 students


Robert Moon

More than 100 students gathered Tuesday in the University Union’s Cottonwood Suite for the FBI Collegiate Citizens Academy. The event, designed to give students the information and resources they need to pursue a career with the FBI, will take place every Tuesday during the month of October.

Robert Moon

Sacramento State’s Career Center, in association with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, held the first of five FBI Collegiate Citizens Academy events Tuesday, with more than 100 students in attendance.

The events are designed to teach students about what it means to work with the FBI and to guide students interested in joining the agency.

Criminal justice major Emilio Oseguera said the opportunity to learn about the FBI was important to him.

“I get to learn a lot about not only the facility they have (in the area), but they talk about safety,” Oseguera said. “They talk about many things that will help many students, they said they want informed citizens and I feel like this is a great opportunity for people to learn.”

Emanuel Melgarejo, Sac State experiential learning coordinator and career counselor, acted as the facilitator on the Sac State side. He said that the FBI itself selected Sac State to host a Citizens Academy, an event which is hosted at various campuses across the country.

Melgarejo said that the Career Center has been working with the FBI to hold these events at Sac State for four years now. 

During Tuesday’s presentation, FBI Sacramento Field Office Special Agent in Charge Sean Ragan introduced students to what the FBI is, what the agency’s priorities are and how to apply for positions with the FBI.

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Once students were introduced to what the FBI does, Special Agent Glenn Norling talked about what to do during an active shooter event.

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Norling informed students about the “Flee, Hide, Fight” plan and went over each of the three aspects and when each applies. He talked about what makes a good improvised weapon to ward off an attacker, such as a fire extinguisher.  

“Don’t hit them first with the fire extinguisher,” Norling said. “Discharge the fire extinguisher. It’s gonna take away their eyesight, take away their breathing for a few seconds, distract them.”

Norling said that after distracting the shooter, hit them as hard as you can across the arms to dislodge the gun and cause injury.

Robert Moon
FBI Sacramento Field Office Special Agent in Charge Sean Ragan gives a presentation on who the FBI is, what their mission is, and how Sac State students can be competitive in applying for careers with the FBI. This presentation was part of the first FBI Collegiate Citizens Academy event for the semester, held Tuesday.

The LAPD video on how to survive an active shooter was also played. At the end of the event, students were able to approach the FBI agents in order to ask them questions directly.

In addition to Tuesday’s event, there will be additional sessions each Tuesday until the end of October. Registration is closed, but students that attend all five sessions will receive a certificate.

For Gina Courey, criminal justice major, the event had a special connection to her life.

“I actually have a family member who works with (the FBI),” Courey said. “So when I heard about the opportunity to come out here and be certified for this citizen’s academy I was like ‘I totally have to do this.’”

Cesar Ayala, criminal justice major, said this is an important step toward his goal to become an FBI agent.

“I needed to get more information about how the process goes to become an agent,” Ayala said. “I figured this would be the best opportunity for me to follow up on my application.”

Courey, like Ayala, also dreams of one day working for the FBI.

“Oh gosh, it would definitely mean the world to me because that is definitely where I want to end up, for sure,” Courey said. “Doesn’t matter what branch I’m working in, just the fact that I’m in it is what’s most exciting for me.”