Anonymous video shows alleged Sac State Greek pledge vomiting

Third anonymous email says student did not receive proper medical care after house party

Margherita Beale and Kameron Schmid

In the wake of allegations of misconduct in university Greek life, a second anonymous video was sent to The State Hornet showing a man said to be a pledge of Sacramento State’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity chapter inebriated and vomiting as others watch.

The video was sent to The State Hornet Tuesday by a different anonymous email address than the one which sent two other emails containing allegations of Greek life misconduct, including hazing.

“The University (sic) is aware of the video and is investigating,” Sac State Director of News and Communications Brian Blomster said in a statement. “Sacramento State is committed to a zero-tolerance policy against hazing.”

The sender wrote in the email that the video was taken at a Pi Kappa Alpha event in spring of last year and that the person vomiting in the video was a pledge at the time.

“In the video he is throwing up from drinking, and appears to be having a seizure,” the anonymous sender wrote. “This happened at a party at one of the houses, i (sic) was there and instead of trying to get him serious help many of them recorded him. I do not believe he got the medical attention that he needed that night either.”

The new video comes after Sac State opened an investigation into the university’s chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity after the first anonymous email containing a photo allegedly showing a simulation of the “elephant walk” was sent to the university in January. Delta Chi was ordered to cease and desist all activity as of Friday.

The decision came from Student Organizations & Leadership after the second anonymous email sent to The State Hornet included a video said to show the hazing of a current member of Delta Chi.

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In the cease and desist letter, the chapter was informed that they cannot operate as a student organization until further notice, said Beth Lesen, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students at Sac State. This means that the chapter cannot conduct any fraternity-related business, including events and meetings, until the investigation is over.

Lesen said Tuesday, before The State Hornet received the latest anonymous video, that the investigation into Delta Chi was ongoing.

Lesen added that the only other Greek organization currently under investigation is the Lambda Sigma Gamma sorority, which is under investigation for a complaint which alleges that the organization violated policy, as detailed in the student organization handbook.

The university said anyone with information on hazing or other dangerous behaviors should report them directly to Nicki Croly, director of Student Organizations & Leadership at (916) 278-6595 or [email protected].

This story has been updated to add comment from Sacramento State.

Sacramento State is investigating the university’s Delta Chi chapter after an anonymous tip detailed the fraternity’s alleged hazing practices. Have you or someone you know experienced hazing? Let us know in the survey below.