Video from anonymous source claims to show Sac State fraternity hazing ritual

Sac State already investigating previous hazing allegation

Will Coburn and Kameron Schmid

A second anonymous email sent to The State Hornet contains a video described to show the hazing of a current member of Sacramento State’s Delta Chi chapter.

The video is said to show a current member being “kidnapped” in 2017. The video shows a man bound and gagged on a table as others hold their cellphones and laugh.

The video comes after a previously-emailed photo from an anonymous source caused the university to open an investigation into hazing in the Delta Chi fraternity.

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Official logs show that Delta Chi was given a warning for hazing in 2015, which was also the first year the chapter was allowed back on campus after a suspension for a rules violation that included hazing.

The anonymous sender sent the initial photo to The State Hornet and Sac State administration. The video was sent to The State Hornet and The Sacramento Bee.

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Sacramento State and Delta Chi have not responded for comment as of press time.

This is a developing story, please check back for updates.

Sacramento State is investigating the university’s Delta Chi chapter after an anonymous tip detailed the fraternity’s alleged hazing practices. Have you or someone you know experienced hazing? Let us know in the survey below.