Indie rock band Bell Boys bring relaxing beats to a stressed-out student body

Isabel Ward

Mixing a number of musical genres, The Bell Boys band performed for a Sacramento State crowd who was more than willing to receive the up-beat rhythmic sound.

Meshing Indie Rock, Honest Pop, Hip Hop and Funk, the three Bell brothers energetically displayed their talent on stage.

Band member Erik Bell said the band draws from different artists including people like Atmosphere and bands like Coldplay and Incubus.   

“It’s probably a blend of a lot of different things that we each listen to,” Bell said.

As the music echoed from the amphitheater, students joined the crowd, sitting, standing or even laying on the grass.

Freshman history major Lupe Ramos said the music is refreshing.

“I have a lot of exams lately, so it’s just relaxing,” Ramos said. 

However, undeclared freshman Lyle Susa said he definitely wanted to dance to the music.

“I think they’re really cool. I’m into the little hip hop-funk – and then it had a little rock in it,” Susa said. “I think there should be a lot more bands like that in the future.”

As the music ranged from mellow to dance, the three band members sang at times in unison. A guest rapper artist was brought in for some spoken word.

Second year graduate student Chris Fryer said the music was a flash back for him.

“I used to go to a lot of shows at Harlow’s, so I would see bands like this,” Fryer said. “They’re able to recreate that aura, so it just feels good.”

Bell said the brothers have been playing together since they were kids.

“Music is all of our lives,” Bell said. “It’s what we do everyday.”

For the last song, the crowd joined in by clapping above their heads to the music.

Bell said he felt like the crowd was really receptive to the music.

“I feel like this is a really good age-bracket for our music. People were really open to it, so it was great,” Bell said. 

The Bell Brothers will be performing in downtown Sacramento at Town House April 26.