Oatmeal is not only for old people

Janice Daniels

Want to know one of the secrets to

my weight loss? Oatmeal! 

Most of us (even me) thoroughly

enjoy the idea of indulging in a disgustingly greasy breakfast in

the morning, but what we forget to think about are our bodies 20

years down the road.

Sure, you may be thin and active

now, and can scarf down a McMuffin and frappucino every morning

without gaining a pound of extra weight, but do you think your body

is going to be very happy in the long run? Probably not.

Getting rid of that daily

hash-browns-and-egg habit can be difficult, but not as difficult as

you might think. I know this because I did it myself.

I used to eat the first thing I

could get my hands on in the morning. Whether it be sausage, cold

pizza, donuts, muffins or anything else – If it was food, and I was

hungry, I would eat it. The thing is, that satisfaction only lasted

about an hour and, as soon as I knew it, I was starving again.

Oatmeal is somewhat of a God-given

creation. Well, I think so at least. Not only does it taste

fabulous when prepared properly, but it also played a big role in

helping me lose those 80-something pounds. Even today it is an

important staple in my daily diet and it’s dirt cheap! 

I’m probably talking up this ooey

gooey breakfast dish up a bit more than the average person would,

but if it helped you lose a ton of weight wouldn’t you do the


Right now you’re probably thinking,

“Oatmeal? aagah. Gross,” and I only say this because that is the

reaction I have gotten from my friends for the last two years. Once

you take time out of your day to get creative with it, though, you

might find it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

What I love most about oatmeal is

that it can be dressed up any way I like. My favorite way to dress

it up is with a bit of ground flax, brown sugar, raisins, peanut

butter, cinnamon and almond milk. Sounds like a bit of a mess, when

you’re vegan, food is more about innovation than anything else.

Sometimes I go crazy and even make chocolate oatmeal by adding a

few tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, stevia and a bit of


A container of oatmeal costs under

$3 and usually lasts me about a month if I eat a serving every


I am not talking the Quaker instant

brown sugar or maple syrup oats, either, people! Might as well be

eating a Snickers bar for breakfast. Oatmeal keeps you satisfied

for a long while and, for me, suppresses “sinful” cravings

throughout the day.

Just give it a try and dare yourself

to get used to it because, in the long run, your body will most

certainly thank you.