Love is in the hive

Places to take your date on Valentine’s Day in Sacramento


Madelaine Church

Many Sac State students are dating and plan to have a romantic date on Valentine’s Day but can’t decide where to go. The State Hornet made a list of cafes, restaurants and bars to visit when love’s day is here. (Graphic by Madelaine Church made in Canva)

Madelaine Church

Roses are red and violets are blue, love is in the hive hornets! Do you have your date planned? If not, I got you covered!!

Dating is rough, especially for college students. It is time consuming to be on top of your coursework and being in a relationship can add or relieve stress. Planning dates is also stressful, especially on Valentine’s Day, so if you haven’t planned your romantic date, I have some suggestions!

Have you had coffee yet? Coffee dates are the best way to start your day! Here is a list of coffee shops in Sacramento I recommend visiting:

Everyone enjoys having a cup of coffee with someone special. This is an activity I recommend to any coffee lovers!

Having breakfast in the morning with your partner is so intimate and romantic! Here is a list of restaurants I recommend visiting for breakfast:

I can already smell the bacon sizzling on the grill! Who isn’t in the mood for breakfast? It’s the best meal of the day! If you aren’t a morning person or in the mood for breakfast, I have more recommendations!

Picnics are by far the most romantic activity you can do with your special someone. There’s no forecast of rain, so if you or your partner can enjoy a nice picnic under the warm sun. This is an activity I highly recommend! 

Here are some parks I recommend visiting for your romantic picnic:

The amount of parks we have here in Sacramento is mind-blowing! We have so many options! Plus you and your partner are in control of the food and beverages you can bring! Just be careful of curious critters such as squirrels or Canadian Geese. 

Visiting Old Sacramento is another great option to spend Valentine’s Day. They have several dining spots and many stores to shop at! Old Sacramento also has a Ferris wheel and carousel. You and your partner can walk by the iconic Tower Bridge and the Sacramento River. 

In the mood for some fine dining? Here is a list of the most romantic restaurants to visit on Valentine’s Day by OpenTable:

If none of these restaurants are in your interest or budget, I recommend the following restaurants:

The thought of eating at a fancy restaurant under candlelight with your partner sounds so romantic! A nice cocktail or a glass of wine should help set the romantic mood for tonight. Here is a list of bars I recommend visiting:

For anyone who is active, here is a list by Eventbrite with wonderful recommendations of activities:

Many people see Valentine’s Day as a day when you express love to your partner by investing in expensive gifts or eating at a fancy restaurant. However, it is important to remember that Valentine’s Day is to express love for everyone we love. Not just our partner. 

Whether you are single or not, this is a day to celebrate love!