The ultimate fall foodie guide

Dive into the warm and savory tastes of fall


Chris Woodard

This fall, treat yourself to the smells, tastes and joys of fall’s many treats. From soup to pumpkin spices, warm your bellies as the temperature falls. (Graphic created in Canva)

From the cider spices to the fresh rain, fall tickles the nostrils and rumbles our stomachs with its distinctive aromas. These foods have become staples in fall cuisine:


Almost all cultures have their signature soup dish and all of them bring us the warmth and comfort of fall, also known as the best excuse to eat soup.

“When it starts to get cold, all I want is pho,” second-year business major Eric Mendoza said. “I like it best on rainy days.”

Soup can be kept simple with the traditional grilled cheese and tomato soup combo or delivered with rich broth in a pho or ramen bowl. Additionally, Mexican-Americans may reminisce about Sunday mornings with warm pozole and squeezing fresh lime into the lavish broth to bring out its flavors. 


Fall brings its unique mixer to the season — eggnog. Love it or hate it, this often-spiked drink is an essential beverage for the cold months. 

Eggnog’s thick yet divisive consistency is filling, and the cinnamon spices pleasantly pierce our taste buds. While the thick consistency and the way the dense liquid clings to the side of glasses is a turn-off for some, this drink is great for those hoping to catch a buzz or treat themself to something sweet.

Slow-cooker meals

Speaking of aromas, slow cookers offer many recipes that deliver smells that fan out across homes. Pot roasts, beef stews and other soup favorites are all easy-to-prep meals best enjoyed under a cozy blanket.

Those who enjoy the spicy side of fall should try making homemade apple cider in a slow cooker. The additional flexibility allows extra control of its sweetness and the heated spices scent the whole house. This easy-to-follow recipe offers plenty of flavors and is easily tweaked to one’s preference.

Pumpkin everything

In addition to the desire for warm soup, pumpkin remains a favorite among students.

From Oreos to Goldfish, pumpkin spice has infested most corners of the food market. However, the optimal October flavor does not complement every snack.

Starbucks has long been a leader in the pumpkin-infused movement with its popular pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Non-coffee drinkers can also enjoy the pumpkin flavor in ciders and chais that blend well with the spices.

The OG pumpkin offerings are the safest bet, but pumpkin enthusiasts now have an overwhelming amount of options to browse and consume.

How do you like them apples?

Almost as versatile as pumpkin is apples, whose sweet and savory taste can be used in desserts and beverages. Jumpstart a 50-degree morning with an apple fritter or dip the fruit in caramel.

Those hoping to switch things up this fall should try mixing apples with another fall fruit, cranberries. 

Experienced Sacramentans know cruising up Highway 50 to Apple Hill is the ideal day trip in the fall. There, visitors can experience apples in a variety of forms. For example, those of age can enjoy apple beer or hard apple cider. In addition, the apple cake donuts at Boa Vista Orchards are worth the trip alone.

This fall, couple the 60-degree weather with the meals and flavors that fit it best. Turn the clock back and turn up the flavor.