Best of Sac State 2022: Panda Express wins best food on campus

How to make one of Hornets’ favorite meals from the on-campus eatery, at home


Collin Houck

Students in the University Union in line waiting to order from Panda Express on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. The fast-food restaurant was voted best food on campus at Sac State. (Photo by Collin Houck)

In the sixth annual Best of Sac State poll, students voted for the fast-food restaurant Panda Express as the best food on campus.  

In supplemental polls conducted by The State Hornet on Twitter and Instagram, orange chicken and chow mein were shown to be voters’ go-to order.

Glenn Chung, a first year biology major, said that he thinks Panda Express is the best food on campus and that his favorite meal from the restaurant is orange chicken and chow mein.  

“I think the fried rice is a little subpar compared to the chow mein,” Chung said. “The orange chicken is crispy and I like that. It has a crunch.” 

There are others who like different items on the menu. Feyi Ekundare, a junior journalism major, had a different personal favorite. 

“Plate of fried rice and angus steak and broccoli beef,” Ekundare said. “I’ve never tried anything else besides those two.” 

With summer vacation just over two weeks away, you don’t have to miss out on crispy orange chicken and chow mein from Sac State’s best food on campus.

The State Hornet tested copycat recipes for these two items so Hornets can enjoy their favorite food at home all summer long.