Thrift stores yield outfits for less than $20


Paris’ Found Items and Prices Suede jumpsuit: $5.80Fundamental floral blazer $1.60Belt $1.80Liz Claiborne shoes $1.80Unknown brand bracelet $1.00Lizwear jeans $0.80M Sport tank-top $0.80Radcliffe Blazer $2.40Kathie Lee purse $2.00Bandolino lace-up shoes: $2.80

Chanel Saidi

Thrift store shopping can reveal a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind fashion items these days. With vintage looks making a comeback, current fashionable thrift-store items can be essential to completing a style maven’s look this season.

In this economy it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with trends without burning a hole in your pocket. However, taking some time to rifle through the racks at a thrift store can add some amazing items to your wardrobe without the financial burden.

Two great ways to shop at a thrift store are to look up current styles in fashion magazines and online or walk through a mall and window shop. Then take the pieces and ideas that leave a lasting impression and mold them into a look that says “you.” Shopping is most fun when you get a few friends together to go hunting through the racks of a local thrift store.

When we headed into the “Thrift Store” on Fruitridge, the game plan was to find one staple item and either a piece of clothing or an accessory, with which to create two different outfits.

The first thing that caught my eye was an amazing Herman Geist blazer with burnt orange, hunter green and cerulean checker detailing. I matched the blazer with a crisp, white Anne Taylor collared shirt, dark-washed Levi jeans and vintage lace-up ankle boots by Euro Club.

This outfit is perfect for both school and going out with some friends during the day. A few easy tweaks to this outfit, such as adding a chunky necklace and a loose tank top; could easily transition it into a nighttime outfit.

For my second outfit I once again wore the white Anne Taylor collared shirt with a wool Georgiou Studio suit. I wore gold earrings engraved with beige and white golf clubs with a purple and gold heirloom necklace detailed with a portrait of a lady. I finished the outfit with bronze Steve Madden flats. This outfit is perfect for a job interview and, later, work.

After finding a white Ralph Lauren zip-up sweater and a brown and black Liz Claiborne purse, I was able to create a fun and classy weekend outfit for any daytime occasion.

State Hornet Features writer Courtney Owen found a bronze owl necklace as the centerpiece for her outfit. She layered a green Mossimo shirt with a khaki, safari-inspired Liz Claiborne vest, J.G. Hook navy blue blazer and Guess jeans, which created an outfit for both school and a lunch date with some girlfriends.

She paired the owl necklace with another long-stranded one, a silver cuff and a set of eight rustic gold bangles. Wearing a pair of trendy worn-in Euro Club lace-ups and fun Americana square earrings, she added a quirky personalized touch to complete the look.

Owen created a second look by replacing the vest and blue blazer with a Herman Geist tweed blazer. By rolling up the blazer’s sleeves and accessorizing with moon-shaped earrings, a vintage belt and a wallet purse, Owen was able to create an outfit perfect for a night out to get some drinks.

State Hornet photographer Paris Carswell picked a beautiful black velvet romper and added a purple, wine, green and black Fundamental floral blazer. She easily transitioned her daytime outfit into a nighttime look by adding a white and gold belt and black flats.

For her second outfit, Carswell wore a black M Sport tank top with a grey, burnt-orange and black-detailed Radcliffe blazer. With a pair of black Bandolino lace-up shoes and a Kathie Lee black and brown purse, Carswell created a comfortable and fashionable look for both school and going out with friends.

Thrift stores provide both affordable and stylish fashion for those who are on a budget, want a one-of-a-kind item or both. Be sure to take time to look through the racks one by one because it is easy to miss a great accessory or piece of clothing on your thrift store adventure.

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