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Capital Report: McCain Defense Authorization Act signed and Obama endorses in California

Trump signs the John S. McCain Defense Authorization Act  in Fort Drum, New York.

Cory Jaynes, news editor

August 15, 2018

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Students deemed least likely to vote

Nancy Rebolledo

October 1, 2015

Politicians try their hand at social media to connect to college-aged voters.“Register to Vote” is a slogan quickly appearing on several platforms. College-aged students, those between the ages of 18-28, are the population age most likely to not vote.It is because of this that registering to vote ca...

Students explore politics and voting at Sac State’s Fall Ethics Symposium

Sarah Hines

November 4, 2014

Professors and university students explored the intersection of politics and ethics Monday at the ninth annual Fall Ethics Symposium.The symposium, organized by Cosumnes River College and Sacramento State’s Center for Practical and Professional Ethics featured four speakers: Jason Brennan, an assistant...

Voter abstinence illustration


April 29, 2014

300 dpi Dean Hollingsworth color illustration of two voters: one casts paper vote into ballot box, the other has arms folded and back turned to the voting process. The Dallas Morning News 2008abstinence illustration not ballot box turnout undecided registration registered voting count ignore ignoring democracy ...

Paving the way for Sen. Warren, 2016

Jaime Carrillo

December 4, 2013

We’re only into President Barack Obama’s first year of his second term and already every Democrat is revving up for 2016. And just like in 2008, the inevitable candidate seems to be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And like 2008, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Clinton receives another u...

‘The Daily Show’ helps people get into politics

Samantha Gallegos

October 25, 2012

Real news is obligated to cover the most tragic things happening in the world, but then we have “The Daily Show” a comedic take on the day’s news. Viewers tune in to “The Daily Show” for the laughs, but inadvertently make themselves better-informed citizens because they’re being exposed ...

Video games don’t matter in politics

Nick Scheuer

October 24, 2012

Politicians are always in the public eye. This is especially true during the election, when attack advertisements are flying back and forth between candidates and parties. While most of these ads are dubious at best, sometimes one is released that crosses the line into being offensive. That line was...

Pointless polls

Samantha Gallegos

October 17, 2012

Either side of the political spectrum could make an argument the polls covering the election are biased in their portrayal, but voters are unlikely to be swayed by these numbers and campaigns shouldn’t waste energy trying to find controversy. Relying on polls to formulate an opinion is the wrong way to ...

EDITORIAL: ASI campaign rules don’t reflect reality

Three days into the ASI Board of Directors campaign regulation sized signs line the pathways to the student union advertising candidates and parties in preperation for the annual election.

Editorial Staff

April 4, 2012

The election candidates for Associated Students Inc. Board of Directors positions are held to a set of bylaws and regulations during a campaign that do not reflect political campaigning laws outside of Sacramento State. These bylaws, listed in Article V of the ASI election code, include everything fro...

What should we expect from the 2012 presidential race?

Kelly Walters

June 1, 2011

There is nothing more exciting to a political junkie than the beginning of a presidential campaign season. President Barack Obama has already announced he will seek a second term in office and started attending fundraisers to build up his campaign coffers. Obama's second bid for the White House will mos...