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Riding a bicycle can engage the brain

Kellie McCown March 3, 2015

Students always have their heads in a book, their eyes fixed on a computer screen and are always finishing and starting homework assignments.The burnout possibilities of always having your head in academics...

Sac State PD seizes illegally locked bikes

Elizabeth Zelidon September 10, 2014

If students at Sacramento State lock their bicycle to a pole, staircase or tree this semester, it might not be there when they return.Sac State Police Department will remove any bicycles locked outside...

Bike-free zones, lanes considered

State Hornet Staff April 1, 2014

Major changes to a Sacramento State policy on bikes, skateboards and other wheeled transportation could be implemented next fall.Sac State Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer...

Peak Adventures helps students engage with campus, make friends

Alex Hegarty, a Peak Adventures mechanic, prepares a bicycle for his bike maintenance class on Nov. 7.
Cesar Alexander November 20, 2013

Peak Adventures is an Associated Students Inc. program that offers numerous services and fun activities Sacramento State students can use all year long.Although the program has grown to serve all of Northern...

New bike laws help Sacramento State student commuters

Matthew Urner October 2, 2013

Sacramento State freshman Meshach Brown was almost swiped by a car on 64th Street and Folsom Boulevard. He said it was the second time in less than two weeks a car sped dangerously close while commuting...

EDITORIAL: Vigilance needed from all to reduce thefts

Editorial Staff September 27, 2011

Nearly every other day, a student files a police report of property theft at Sacramento State. Incidents of property being stolen and not reported means the theft rate is actually worse. While some victims...

Campus police expect to eradicate threat of bike thefts

One of the poorly secured bikes on campus, locked to a pole
outside of Mendocino Hall 
Matthew Aguirre September 13, 2011

Sacramento State is using popular social networking sites in an attempt to reduce bicycle thefts, which have been a constant threat on campus. Sac State's Police Department is implementing two new safety...

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