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NEWS PODCAST S2E5: A look at the past with Sac State professor, former Black Panther (Part 1)

Graphic made in Canva

Makenna Roy, Gavin Rock, and Robbie Pierce

February 27, 2020

For this week’s episode of The State Hornet News Podcast, opinion writer Makenna Roy and staffer Gavin Rock sat down with Sacramento State political science professor Stanley Oden to discuss his childhood and early adulthood in 1950s San Diego and the “subtle racism” that he encountered. Part tw...

NEWS PODCAST: Sac State student shares experience reporting sexually abusive relationship

State Hornet staffer Ashton Byers, left, interviewing criminal justice major Emily Kyle, right. Kyle filed a police report after leaving an abusive relationship.

Ashton Byers and Robbie Pierce

February 20, 2020

Content warning: This episode contains an account of an abusive relationship involving sexual assault and threats of violence. On this week’s episode of The State Hornet News Podcast, staffer Ashton Byers sits down with Sacramento State criminal justice major Emily Kyle to discuss her experience filing a...

NEWS PODCAST: The Black student experience at Sac State

From left to right: Staff writer Nijzel Dotson,  freshman criminal justice major Hannah Rowlett and diversity and identity reporter Kayleen Carter. On Feb 5, 2020 they discussed the Black student experience at Sac State for this week's episode of The State Hornet News Podcast.

Kayleen Carter and Nijzel Dotson

February 6, 2020

This week on The State Hornet News Podcast, diversity and identity beat reporter Kayleen Carter and staff writer Nijzel Dotson sit down with freshman criminal justice major Hannah Rowlett to discuss the Black student experience at Sac State in honor of Black History Month.  Carter and Dotson are working on a feature s...

NEWS PODCAST: Recapping the Women’s March, previewing the semester

Members of the Miwok tribe guiding marchers to the state Capitol on Saturday morning at the Women's March Sacramento on January 18, 2020. Photo by Kendra L. Rivera.

Robbie Pierce, Kendra Rivera-Molina, and Margherita Beale

January 23, 2020

Thousands rallied Saturday as part of the fourth annual Sacramento Women’s March, and news editor Kendra Rivera-Molina was there to cover the event for The State Hornet. On this episode of The State Hornet News Podcast, Rivera-Molina sat down with podcast editor Robbie Pierce to recap the march. R...

NEWS PODCAST: What happened to get Cal Fit removed from campus?

A Cal Fit building on Zinfadel Road in Rancho Cordova. Cal Fit has tabled at Sac State, but SO&L announced Friday that they are no longer allowed to table on campus as a vendor.

Margherita Beale and Will Coburn

December 13, 2019

Last Friday, Sacramento State’s Student Organizations and Leadership announced it was removing fitness company Cal Fit’s rights to table on campus. State Hornet editor-in-chief Margherita Beale was already in the process of reporting a story about students who were complaining about aggressive sales...

NEWS PODCAST: Project Rebound students discuss life after incarceration

Project Rebound director Andrew Winn, nutrition & food major Heile Gantan and sociology major Kendra Jackson. The three discussed the challenges of retuning to college after incarceration.

Will Coburn

December 6, 2019

Earlier this year Project Rebound, an equity program for formerly incarcerated students, received a $3.3 million in state funding across multiple college campuses, the office at Sacramento State was involved in that budget ask. On this week’s episode of The State Hornet News Podcast, podcast...

NEWS PODCAST: The true meaning of Friendsgiving

Podcast editor Will Coburn (Left) and the adorable lost moppets Leslie Vernon had collected for Friendsgiving. Vernon decided she wanted to make dinner for all her friends one year, and has been doing so for nine years now, even if she seems to avoid having her photo taken.

Will Coburn

November 27, 2019

Not everyone has the ability to go home for Thanksgiving, and others may not even have a home to go to. The tradition of Friendsgiving is one that’s becoming more popular to help people fill in the gaps. Podcast editor Will Coburn brought his friend and Sac State psychology student Leslie Vernon in t...

NEWS PODCAST: Sac State introduces foreign students to American culture and education

Iyo Chen, a political science major and transfer student from Japan, performed a song from

Regina Reddick and Will Coburn

November 22, 2019

Iyo Chen, a political science major, had her sights on coming to America. Advertisements in Japan made America alluring and she tested well in her English comprehension to make her a good candidate for a foreign exchange student application. Now she talks about her experiences at Sac State with reporter...

NEWS PODCAST: No charges filed in case of Sac State student’s death

NEWS PODCAST: No charges filed in case of Sac State student’s death

Jordan Silva-Benham and Will Coburn

November 15, 2019

Podcast editor Will Coburn sits down with news editor Jordan Silva-Benham to discuss the unanswered questions after the Sacramento County District Attorney decided no to press charges in relation to the death of Sacramento State student Will Molina, a member of the university’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity...

NEWS PODCAST: School after the Air Force

The State Hornet reporter Ashton Byers, an Air Force veteran, interviews fellow Air Force Veteran John Rayome, a Sac State communication studies major, about life as a veteran in college. Rayome served as aerial recon in Afghanistan and Africa.

Ashton Byers and Will Coburn

November 8, 2019

Listen as Air Force veteran John Rayome, a Sac State communication studies major, chronicles his experiences returning to school after his service. Rayome talked with The State Hornet reporter and fellow Air Force veteran Ashton Byers about his deployments, struggles he faced with drugs and alcohol...

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