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MAX’S TABLE: Sac State football player goes from concussion to the kitchen

Max Connor December 16, 2020
On this episode of Max’s Table, Max talks to Jordan Thomas: a Sac State alumnus, former Hornet football player and current private chef. Hear Chef JT talk about how a concussion cut his football career short but set him on a new path — spreading joy through his cooking.
Organic local produce in a local Sacramento Bel Air store. This week on Max's Table, long time produce buyer Gina Backovich gives in inside look into the complex world of fruit and vegetable production.

MAX’S TABLE: Produce production during a pandemic

Max Connor and Robbie Pierce October 30, 2020
This week Max talks with 20-year General Produce employee Gina Backovich. Backovich unveils the complicated world of produce, and how the pandemic disrupted it. After this episode, you’ll never look at your bagged cobb salad the same way.
MAX'S TABLE: The Sandwich Episode

MAX’S TABLE: The Sandwich Episode

Max Connor and Robbie Pierce October 17, 2020

This week on Max’s Table, Max talks to his sister and fellow sandwich connoisseur Dina Owens, all about sandwiches. Where did they come from, Why are they so delicious, is a hotdog a sandwich and how...

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MAX’S TABLE: Starting a home vegetable garden

Max Connor and Robbie Pierce September 24, 2020
This week Max talked with the CapRadio garden coordinator to get tips on starting a home garden in the hot climate of Sacramento.
MAX’S TABLE: All about In-N-Out Burger

MAX’S TABLE: All about In-N-Out Burger

Max Connor and Shaun Holkko September 15, 2020
On the first episode of Max’s Table this semester, editor-in-chief Max Connor talks to Sac State alumnus and former State Hornet sports editor Shaun Holkko about In-N-Out Burger.
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MAX’S TABLE S1E2: Home baking with self-taught professional vegan cake baker Ashley Shotwell

Max Connor May 19, 2020

This week Max delves into the world of home baking with artist and cake decorator Ashley Shotwell. Shotwell specializes in vegan cakes and baked goods, and she reveals the best substitutes for dairy products...

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MAX’S TABLE S1E1: Cooking from home with Chef Patrick Prager

Max Connor May 10, 2020

In the first episode of the new State Hornet food podcast “Max’s Table,” Max talks to Chef Patrick Prager, the executive chef of the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in downtown Sacramento. Prager talks about...

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