B Street Theatre holds special Halloween production

Killer on the loose on All Hallow’s Eve


Chanelle Muerong

B Street Theatre will spend Hallow’s Eve hosting the production of “A B Street Horror Story” at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30, 2020. The live, interactive event will feature Peter Story and Dana Brooke. Photo courtesy of B Street Theater, photo illustration by Chanelle Muerong.

Chanelle Muerong and

Despite it being well into October, COVID-19 is still an issue and a lot of entertainment venues, including theaters, are still closed. But B Street Theatre in Sacramento has found ways to keep productions going.

Their next event is live Halloween horror production, ‘A B Street Horror Story,’ which will take place Friday via Zoom. The one night only, free event will start at 7 p.m., featuring Peter Story and Dana Brooke as the main cast.

The synopsis of the story according to the event Facebook page is as follows: ‘Peter Story and Dana Brooke are rehearsing for a Zoom play reading on Hallow’s Eve when Peter begins to experience unusual activity. With Dana phoning in from the confines of her New York City apartment there’s little she can do to help.’

“It’s unscripted, it’s completely improvised,” Story said. “The base plot is that I’ll be on a Zoom call with Dana. I’m in Sacramento, she’s in New York and I’m in a building at night because the Wi-Fi is better here than in my apartment. I’m alone, there’s strange noises, then I find out someone’s here trying to kill me. I’ll be on my tablet, it’ll be a first person point of view, I’ll be running around the whole building, it’ll be terrifying.”

The reactions are genuine, the obstacles are real and there is real fear in the air, said Dana Brooke, the other lead actor in the show.

“I’ll be on the other line and doing everything I can, but behind the screen you feel helpless,” Brooke said. “It’s like watching a scary movie but this time, the actor can actually hear me. I’ll be there, and I’ll be petrified.”

B Street Theatre also holds virtual programming four to five nights a week for free.

“Virtual shows allow us to remain connected with the audience that we’ve built over the years,” said Lyndsay Burch, the producer of the event. “We haven’t really done full plays over Zoom though, it’s more concerts, live improvisation, comedy, it’s all audience engagement. We’re shifting expectations. I think these programs we have are a creative, effective way that helps you tell a story.”

Ready for a spooky time? Register here.