Man arrested on suspicion of harassing students at Upper Eastside Lofts


Screenshot via Sacramento State Police Department's Facebook page

A mugshot of Tyler Kruse. Kruse was arrested earlier this month after harassing residents at the Upper East Side Lofts.

Dominic Vitiello

A man suspected of harassing students at the Upper Eastside Lofts apartment complex was arrested and detained earlier this month.

The apartment complex, only 1.2 miles from Sacramento State, reported a man later identified as Tyler Kruse to security Sept. 1.

 When security responded it was discovered that Kruse was not a student attending Sac State and proceeded to ask him to leave. Kruse refused to leave and Sac State police officers were called onto the scene, according to the university’s police department.

Kruse did not comply with the police officer’s orders and became aggressive. He was arrested on scene and later booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail, according to a Facebook post from the Sacramento State Police Department published on Sept. 9.

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Kruse was charged for violating his probation, an outstanding warrant and resisting/obstructing an officer.

Logan Llson, a nutrition major, and returning resident to the lofts said he was happy it was handled swiftly.

“I’m glad it was handled quickly, it’s a bit unnerving since I’ve been here a while,” Llson said. “I haven’t witnessed or heard of too much disruptions or danger but it’s nice knowing that it was handled quickly. 

Zahra Niru, a nursing major, was also at home at the time the arrest was taking place.

“We saw red and blue lights flashing and that’s when we came outside and we saw the cops right here with a man against the car,” Niru said. “They were arresting him. He was not working with the cops.”

Upper East Side Lofts said that they would let the police report speak for itself.