Student sexually assaulted at American River Courtyard

Assault reported from hospital to Sac State police


Brittney Delgado - The State Hornet

A Sacramento State student was sexually assaulted by another student at the American River Courtyard, according to the Sac State Police Department crime logs. The assault was reported to the police department Sunday, Sept. 16 and the case is still under investigation.

Brittney Delgado

A sexual assault incident occurred at the American River Courtyard on Sept. 15, according to the Sacramento State Police Department.

Sac State Police Chief Mark Iwasa said Sac State Police were notified by a hospital staff member about the incident. Both the suspect and the victim are students at Sac State.

The assault was reported to the Sac State Police Department Sunday, Sept. 16 at 1:11 a.m.

Iwasa did not specify which hospital the staff member who contacted the Sac State Police Department worked for.

The crime logs do not list what time the assault happened. Iwasa said that “it was the hospital that reported it to us as a welfare check.”

No information was sent out to students in regards to the incident. The Jeanne Clery Act — a law established at universities that outlines how campus officials alert students and faculty about crime on campus — says that “campus officials are required to evaluate if there is a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community to determine if a timely warning needs to be issued to all staff and students.”

The case is still under investigation by the Sac State Police Department.

This is a developing story.