President Nelsen opens at Student Affairs meetings

Angel Kidka

The Student Affairs Divisional Meeting took place on Friday, Sept. 11 in Ballroom 1 in the University Union.

President Robert Nelsen started the program with a speech about the importance of students and faculty and the obligation the university community has to ensure the well-being and success on campus.

“Student Affairs is all about the students, whether it’s athletes or advisory, we are touching real lives and we have the power to change real lives,” Nelsen said.

Nelsen also said faculty is important for the betterment of the students and can be relied on for help and reassurance.

“Sometimes we think it is all about the faculty, but it is actually all about what the faculty can do for the students,” Nelsen said.

The president expanded this point by saying the faculty’s duty is to make students have a good experience while they are here, but it is the school’s duty to be more accepting and accommodating towards reaching graduation goals.

“We have the moral obligation to accept more students and to graduate more students,” Nelsen said.

Nelsen ended his speech by saying how proud he is of faculty, staff and the student body. He also said he is available for office hours every Friday from 3-5 p.m. in Sacramento Hall, room 206.

Vice President of Student Affairs Ed Mills took the stage to inform those in attendance about campus updates, this semester’s plans and future goals.

Mills said in his campus update there are currently 30,025 students enrolled at Sacramento State, which is the highest number the school has ever had. The increase in enrollment will help expand unit load and the number of classes in order for professors to compensate students’ needs.

Mills also said, in regards to campus construction, the new resident hall broke ground last week and will open fall 2017. The expansion of the University Union and The WELL was approved and more information will be announced. There is also a plan in place to improve athletic facilities, which includes adding new bathrooms to the football stadium and Yosemite Hall.

Mills discussed the student priority goal for this year.

“Increasing graduation rates, increase retention rate, decreasing time it takes to get degree, enhancing student engagement, and building affinity for the Hornet Nation,” Mills said.

In addition to the student priority goals, Mills also listed this year’s Strategic Initiatives. These include: graduation initiative, degree planning, college-ready initiative, transfer-ready initiative and career-ready initiative.

Mills also covered the newly placed strategic task forces’ diversity and advising. They will ensure the campus continues to be diverse and make sure students are getting the advising they need.

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, we are all going to make this a great school year,” Mills said. “We are going to keep doing our best to make students’ dreams come true.”

Attendees of the meeting were thrilled of the goals and upcoming plans of the betterment of the campus.

Directed of Housing and Residential Life Aja Holmes spoke about her excitement.

“It’s a very exciting time to be here at Sac State, I love that the president has the students and faculty in mind in the making of these decisions,” Holmes said. “I cant wait to see all the changes become reality.”