PARC hosts first art symposium to display talent

Ruth Williams

On Wednesday, April 22, the Peer and Academic Resource Center hosted its first Art Symposium.

The symposium showcased the various artistic talents of Sacramento State students in the art department.

Jessica Foss, senior art major, works for PARC as graphic designer and was also the event coordinator of the symposium.

Foss expressed the importance of the symposium because it was not only a chance for Sac State students to display some of their best work, the goal was to also bring awareness to the hosting department. She also submitted 10 pieces of her own work to put on display.

“I am an avid artist,” Foss said.

PARC offers free tutoring to all students in all subjects.

While they don’t focus on proofreading papers, they will teach students the necessary organizational skills in order to do so on their own.

“We are student led and faculty guided,” said Hsiang Sean Liu, faculty coordinator of PARC.

They also encourage students with challenging writing courses to sign up for the tutoring class for extra support and guidance.

“There are particular strategies of training for different types of writing characteristics,” Liu said.

Jion Azarabadi, senior photo major, submitted over seven pieces of art for the symposium.

Azarabadi said his love for art began in high school when he took it as a course.

For current inspiration, he likes to think of a pressing topic and voice his opinion through his photography.

“It makes me relax, helps me get out of my head and see things,” Azarabadi said.

Azarabadi described the symposium as an opportunity for others to see what art students have gone through, while giving them exposure.

PARC will also host its 2nd Annual Outstanding Wisdom and Leadership Awards on Monday, May 4, 2015 from 5-7:30 p.m. in the University Union Orchard Suite.

For more information, visit the PARC in Lassen Hall, Room 2200 or call (916) 278-6010.