Quick guide to hiking in Sacramento

Rian Edignton

It is common knowledge that California has some of the most beautiful scenery in North America. Specifically in the Sacramento area, where there are a variety of hiking trails that expose students to nature and its creatures.

Students do not have to go far to find trails accessible to almost everyone.

One such hike is the Dry Creek Trail near Roseville. The dog friendly trail is about 1.7 miles long one-way and also has a bike trail.

This trail has an assortment of features such as meadows, bridges, and many small animals.

Amir Traboly, a 23-year-old civil and environmental engineering senior at UC Davis frequents this trail when he is feeling stressed.

“I like this trail because it’s not very hard but still lets me get into nature for a while,” he said. “I like nature and being outdoors, it’s fun to go with friends sometimes too.”

The American River Trail is also popular with Sac State students.

“It’s nice especially for biking,” said Alex Oko, 21-year-old kinesiology major. “But carry water if it’s the summer time.”

There are also services available that allow students to make hiking an educational experience.

Naturalist 4 Hire is a company that offers guided tours to groups of 16 or less. The tour is led by a naturalist who tells the party about plants and animals they encounter while hiking with the group.

These tours can cost anywhere between $75 to $200.

“Why not experience a non-traditional activity with a group of friends,” said Denise Santos a 21-year-old Sac State senior. “I think any time to get away from our busy lives and cherish the beauty around us is perfect.